Between Now & Forever – A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

The first question people ask me after reading my stories is that, “You read a lot of romance, don’t you?” To be honest, the answer is No. I have not read any of the so-called best romance novels. With no offense to legends who write them, I found that a typical romance novel or movie is too overwhelming for me. I would rather prefer literature or erotica over it. Yes, I know those are like two extremes. Coming to the later, I am a person who like many others read most of the Mills & Boon books out there. If you are wondering what this post has got to do with that, then well, here it is, Between Now & Forever by Meera Shiva is something on that lines.

While goofy, innocent romance never interested me, realistic romance that had sense yet has a burning passion always interest me. Both in books and real life, I would like passion. Between Now & Forever is synonymous to passion. The story is of Abhimanyu, a tall and handsome NRI, who recently lost his girlfriend, to be more precise accidentally killed her. The story is also about Megha, beautiful and independent doctor, who recently lost her husband, but has a even bigger battle to fight. The story is also about an old couple, The Sens, who recently lost their granddaughter and in verge of losing their family business. What happens when all of them come together forms the crux of the story. The author initially states herself that she wanted to create a Mills & Boon type romance with perfectly Indian background, and she nails it.


  1. No unnecessary pondering over things – The story is to the point, the screenplay is crisp, and when the story ends you feel that you want to read more. Kudos to both author and editor on this.
  2. The scenes are perfectly realistic: While I read Mills & Boon, at times, I feel out of place as most of the hobbies, places, problems stated look like first world problems to me, but here I can correlate and nod in silence.
  3. Unlike many romance novels, the woman protagonist is neither a damsel in distress, nor a male-bashing female chauvinist. She is a strong woman, and that sums it up.


  1. The climax was a little disappointment, to say the least. I am not gonna give away spoilers, but I felt the bit of confrontation between protagonist and the antagonists seemed too filmy.

Rating: 4/5
Do I recommend? Definitely Yes. I know women are gonna pick this book up. Men do pick it up, you will learn a lot, especially on how to hold a woman 😛 *wink wink*

Buy the book here.
Book sent by author in exchange for unbiased review.


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