3 Ways To Have That Pretty Window – #DecoWindow

Hi, Folks,

How many of you remember the story “The Open Window” that we had back in our High School English Literature? I personally loved that story. Back then, I had this habit of reading all my books in my summer vacation; this way, I knew what the teacher will teach next when the school reopens. Yes, I can hear you people scream, “Hermione Granger.” Coming back, I adored the story for two reasons: the thrill factor and the beautiful illustration of the French window.


Since then, I have been obsessed with windows. However, a window just like us needs right accessories to jazz it up into a suave interior piece. If your house has a large window, then these styling tips would be of a great use.

Curtains: Curtains are the best bet to make windows look classy. However, in the busy lifestyle that we have, one might not really be able to go for curtain shopping. I recently found out this amazing website, where one can buy curtains online for their doors and windows at an affordable pricing. If you are one of those folks, who want to touch and feel the fabric before buying curtain online, then this website offers to send sample fabrics too for a minimal price of 25 INR. I personally love the curtains’ prints and designs in this website.

Curtain Rods: This is often an overlooked aspect of interior decor especially in curtain online shopping. While one would invest lots on the curtains, curtain rods are often overlooked. A good looking window is accentuated by a firm and classy curtain rod like the one below. If you feel that buying curtain rods or window curtains online are an expensive thing, then you are wrong, this website offers decor essentials at an amazingly affordable pricing.

Deco Window Curtain rod

Curtain Tiebacks: When you order a door curtain online or window curtains online, make sure that you buy a well complementing tieback too. A classy tieback completes the look, thus enabling your window to be photogenic as well as pretty in real too. If you do not like jazzy or tacky tiebacks, the tie belts like the one below can also be used to give a simple yet elegant look.


Deco Window Red and gold belt tie back

What are your favorite window decor ideas? Share them in comments.

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