The Big Indian Wedding: A Book Review

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On the book review table today is “The Big Indian Wedding” by Sakshi Salve.

Book Blurb: The Big Indian Wedding presents the larger-than-life, sometimes outlandish, generally madding, and always high octane world of Indian marriage ceremonies!


Dip in to discover of the zany, over-the-top, and thus far undisclosed stories associated with the well heeled Indian’s courtship and nuptial dance. from inebriated first dates over bottles of Dom Pérignon; to inspired proposals in exotic locations; to the entrance of the big ticket wedding planner to, finally, the giant wedding itself, preluded by shopping sprees, bachelorettes, sangeets and mehndis, and culminating in the mother of them all, the ‘saat phere’ this book is the ultimate compendium to the Indian marriage tamasha.

Written by someone who has keenly observed and enthusiastically participated in weddings and has almost been roped into one herself and peppered with witty observations, merry quizzes, and a whacky proposal manual (Bollywood style), this book is a satirical account of the excesses of modern day Indian weddings, and a sobering comment on the simplicity of the past.

Book Details:

Name: The Big Indian Wedding
Author: Sakshi SalvePublishers: Rupa Publications India
Pages: 190
Published on: September 30, 2015
Genre: Non-Fiction

Stri’s Take On The Book: I would have never picked this book if I was in a book store and this book was on display. Despite weddings and wedding planning being my areas of interest, I feel that the cover of this book is too tacky. While the illustrations inside were quite interesting and engrossing, the same illustrator has not done complete justice to the book’s cover. Moving forward, the blurb was what interested me to try this book. I would not call the book blurb interesting, but it was intriguing.

The book revolves around upper class life and Indian Weddings according to them. When I say Indian Weddings, this book predominantly concentrates on North-Indian, primarily Delhi or Punjabi weddings. If you are someone who want to read the book to know about Indian Wedding Culture and Rituals, then this book can be misleading. That being said, this is just a casual fun book to read about the various rituals in a wedding, the cost involved, and the contrasting things between the original rituals and their modern counterparts.

I picked this book hoping it to be a satirical fun as it claims to be, but no, I was disappointed. There are sarcastic statements here and there in the book, but on the whole this book is yet another slow-paced non-fiction on a topic that is very dominant in the Indian society.


  1. The author manages to make some quirky and witty statements here and there that makes the otherwise slow-paced novel interesting.
  2. The illustrations inside are quite good and interesting.
  3. This book is meant for upper class Indian society as you can nod and smile through when you read this book.
  4. The language is quite good and so is her second person narration style.
  5. Editor has done a neat job to their level best.


  1. The novel is too slow-paced.
  2. It targets only a specific set of audience, and not everyone can enjoy this novel.

Rating: 3/5
Do I recommend? Well, if you are someone who is interested in this genre, then why not?
Bottom line: A stereotypical upper class, North Indian (especially Delhi & Punjab) Wedding manual or guide that might interest only its target audience.

This book was sent for my unbiased review.
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