Kanavup pattarai – A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

Guess, this is my first Tamizh Book Review on this blog. For those who do not know, my mother tongue is Tamizh. Although I never took it up as a language in my school education, my mom is well versed in Tamizh, and where else is the best option to pick up your mother tongue than from mother herself.

Coming to this novel, it is written by a writer, blogger, and an entrepreneur Mathi (his pen name). Although I do not know him personally, I have known him and his blog through mutual blogging friends. That being said, this book was sent by him for review. However, the review is completely unbiased.Published by Aganazhigai Publications, this 156 pages short stories collection is priced at 160 INR. This book is a collection of short stories about two characters Shankar and Bhagya and their experiences in meeting a dozen of people in various instances when they meet to help underprivileged kids in Kanavup Pattarai, Dakshin Chitra.

The stories here are:

  1. Naerkonda Paarvai
  2. Agazhvaari Thaangum Nilam Pola
  3. Ezhu Malai Exhu Kadal Thaandi
  4. Kalavu Marathhal
  5. Thottaa Sinungi
  6. Paatum Koothum
  7. Kokki Kumar
  8. Pillai Cherukku
  9. Moondru Vellai Sooru
  10. Vidya Sethu Pogalam
  11. Agni Kunjonrru Kandaen
  12. Kasimedu Meen Kunju

While a story discussed on inferiority complex, one discussed on superiority complex. Some stories discussed on shyness, while some discussed on sheer misunderstandings. Some of the titles were quirky enough that I went and read it first. That’s the beauty of this book, you can read it in any order as each story is a stand alone one. My favorite was Thottaa Sinungi. Do read and let me know which was your favorite.

On the downside, the stories were more of similar and that made me not feel gripped towards the novel. I know that the book is based on real incidents; however, I just feel that it could have been more interesting, if there is a difference among the various stories written.

Rating: 3/5


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