VB Signature – Restaurant Review

Hi, folks,

It’s been so long that I posted a restaurant review here. I have been really held up (read: procrastinating), and I ended up not blogging enough. I just hope to blog more in the forthcoming days. Anyway, recently, I had an amazing chance to visit this newly launched restaurant named, VB Signature. If you are wondering what it is all about, “ada Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan thaanga.” Yes, this is also Vasantha Bhavan, where the talented chef Vignesh has tweaked the traditional food a lot & gave us some amazing twisty-turvy, of course yummy signature dishes.


Location: This place is on the Nungambakkam High Road, bang opposite to the KFC outlet of Nungambakkam. Centre of the city, classy location, and quite a decent amount of car parking – This is a big positive to this place.

Ambiance: Well, the walls are given a wooden finish, cozy, contemporary look in furnishing as well as interiors, quirky posters – these are the ones that complete ambiance of this place. Nothing too rave about, but quite good for any type of dining experience.

Service & VFM: I was invited as a blogger to cover the event, so these two criteria cannot be graded.

Food Quality:

Let’s start with what all we had!



We were 7 people in total, we ordered 5 out of the seven cocktails available, and a fresh pomegranate juice.

Aam Panna: This was my favorite. It was yummilicious, and made of kaccha aam.
Bovonto Black Mojito: It was an amazing amalgamation of Bovonto & Mojito. As always, this can never go wrong.
Filter Coffee Soda: Espresso shots in soda. This could have been stronger, in my opinion.
Ilaneer Inji Soda: Tender coconut & ginger in Soda – this is a perfect after meal drink for the generous ginger content in it helps easy digestion, while the tender coconut cools the tummy.
Homemade Chai Iced Tea: Fresh & nice, but I might not order this again as there was nothing great there like other mocktails.
Pomegranate Juice: Fresh pomegranate juice with no sugar, no ice. Just for those diet conscious people.


The chef got the special four starters from his Cuisine.


Tandoori Momos:

The momos were fine, and I personally prefer normal momos than this. However, if you are a tandoori fan, this twist might interest you. Also, the chutneys for this are amazingly served in pipettes. I initially thought, the green pipette was spring onion used for plating, but it was a pleasant surprise. The three chutneys were Roasted Tomato – Garlic – Chilli Chutney, Yoghurt, curried, mayo Chutney, and Mint Chutney. Surprisingly, the tomato chutney was my favourite. I generally don’t prefer tomato much, yet this was amazing.

Kavipoo Hash Browns:

These were yum! If you are wondering what it is, it is hash brown with a classy twist. This is made of cauliflower, and is served with Tomato Mayo and Cauliflower sauce.

Marina Milaga Bajji:

This is Milagai Bajji with a huge tweak. To the chilli, there is potato & cheese added. The cheese could have been more prominent. These are fried in Japanese style. Served with tangy sweet chutney, this is a must have here.

Thai Style Kothu Parota:

I love kothu parota, and I love lemongrass! This is a heaven for me.

First Main Course/Second Set of Starters:

These are the next set of dishes. They are as yummy as the starters and as filling as main course.


Dragon Smoked Popcorn: This is the best dish of this place. Can you see the smoke in chef’s hand? Well that’s cold smoke! Yes, just like in those winter places, the smoke here is caused by chillness. These popcorns are popped in liquid nitrogen. Whoaa!!! We had the caramel flavored one. I cannot eat popcorn generally as my throat is sensitive to the coarseness of the popcorn, but this is something that’s cold, soft, yummy, & the best.

Ceylon Parata: Pizza toppings inside parata – Enough said! This was served with Jeera Raitha – that’s the best Raitha in the town.

Keema Dosa My non veg friends rave about Keema on their dosa a lot. However, I was just thinking “these grapes are sour.” When I had the veg version of this Keema Dosa here, wow! It’s just yum! This was served with the typical and yummy Vasantha Bhavan Sambhar & Chutney.

Chilli Paneer Noodles
The perfect amalgamation of crunchy Chilli Paneer with thin Hakka Noodles. I am a great critic when it comes to Chinese. Chinese cuisine is something I eat since childhood, and this dish is something I vouch for.

Main Course:
The main course was North Indian. I thought it was going just a normal thing, but nah!


Red Chilli Naan & Pudhina Naan: I loved the Red Chilli Naan a lot. It had the flavor of chilli flakes. The Pudhina Naan was good too, but a little burnt.

Palak, Corn, Garlic Gravy: Well, it’s not the real name, but these were the ingredients in this, and it was cooked to perfection. Yummmm! I would prefer this with rice though.

Daal Makhani: Cooked at 14 hours in a slow process, this is the BEST daal in town. North Indian foodies, go try this.


We were super full by the end of the main course, and despite Chef’s request to try some more main course, we chose to go for desserts, instead.


Milan to Madras: Yaar, this is something that I can die for. People around the world are marrying pet dogs, pizzas, and even themselves. If allowed, I will marry this dish. Filter coffee flavored Rasagulla in whipped cream garnished with nuts. Yum! I love Rosogolla but not the Jeera. I love Rosogolla, but the milky flavor refrains me from eating more than one. This dish solved all my Rosogolla problems. This is truly Milan to Madras with some Bengal in between.

Baked & Crumbled Mysurpa With Ice cream: Well, I like SKS Mysurpa, I like HD Vanilla Ice Cream, but a mixing the two with tweaks as this dessert was not my thing.

ThenMittai & Kamarkattu: These were not on the menu. Guess, this is like a freebie. I didn’t taste them, but typical traditional candy lovers in my gang loved this.

Well, I guess, that was a big review from Big Happy Tummy! Go away, try this restaurant, and do tell me how it was.


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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