Big Bazaar – Public Holiday Sale 2016

Hi, folks,

Every time I go to this mall near my place, I don’t forget to go to Big Bazaar. Most of my friends, especially guys, ask, “Why Big Bazaar? Why not any other store?” Well, two reasons!
1. This is the place where one can buy anything & everything: from apparels to electronics, from cosmetics to grocery, there is everything.
2. They have amazing deals! The recent one being the Public Holiday Sale.


Well, one might ask what is the big deal? Every online store provides deals these days. However, imagine how awesome it would be go handpick your favorite things one by one from the store at amazing steal deal prices. Well, you are already grabbing your wallet nah? Another amazing benefit of buying from Big Bazaar is that you get T24 talk time on every purchase. Well, shop and talk! Talk and shop!

This holiday season, I am looking forward to buy few amazing things from Big Bazaar like the Bean Bags. I just have one bean bag & it is annoying to share it, so I am planning to buy a couple of more. The XL size ones are as low as Rs. 1000. The shoes & footwear lover in me will definitely purchase 4-5 footwear as there is almost 50% sale on them. Finally, I am planning to buy a couple of luggage trolleys from American Tourister or Skybags. Most of my branded luggage are from Big Bazaar sales.

What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Big Bazaar, if possible let’s catch up there while shopping. You can find me in the soft toys section mostly as they have a sale too 🙂


When? Apr 30-May 4, 2016
Where? Big Bazaar Outlets


This is a sponsored post for Big Bazaar Public Holiday Sale.


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