Three Books That I Recommend This Month

Hi, folks,

As most of you know, I keep getting books to review. While most of them are from authors that I don’t know, sometimes, my  friends/acquaintances who turned into authors ask me to read their book as a friendly gesture. They don’t even insist me on reviewing it. However, I do review them. I’d be glad if at least one person buys the book & supports the budding author after reading my review.

Well, I had many such books come in to me in the last few months, and here I am recommending 3 of them to you.

1. Encounters:

Written by Sumana Khan, the author of one of my most favorite horror novel, The Revenge of Kaivalya, this is another thriller novel; just that this novel is an amalgamation of 5 short stories. The author proves that she is a class apart from others when it comes to penning thriller stuffs. While there are not many novel aspects in her stories, her narration makes us hooked to the boom till the very end.

Buy her book here.

2. The Extra Men:

Most of you know that I am not a fan of eBooks. However, this one book is special as I was involved right from the point where the book’s first para was written. Written by a close friend, this book is sheer brilliance & full of wit. The author is known for his sense of humor, & this book is a perfect amalgamation of humor and sci-fiction. Although, I felt that the climax was a little rushed, the book is an excellent read for any type of reader.

Buy his book here.

3. The Archer’s Revenge:

Written by Destination Infinity aka Rajesh, this book is set in South India. The novel is short, crisp, and to the point. This is a typical revenge story with antique archery techniques added to it. While the story is quite old, the screenplay is racy. With more clarified narration style, this book would have been even better. Nevertheless, this book is worth a read.

Buy his book here.


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