He is soft; at the first sight, all you can see is the “Macho” look he displays. But, deep inside the rugged body is a sensitive heart.

He was never hurt hazardously, but that didn’t stop him from empathizing with people’s tragedy. He calls a spade a spade, but sometimes he lies just to see his loved ones smile.


He balances his work & personal life; while many men of his age flirted around and bingewatched, he had dinner with his parents, watched movies with siblings, went clubbing with friends, played snooker with colleagues, and took a martial arts class with his girlfriend.

He was not the kind that pulls chairs or opens doors; he was the kind who adored her for pulling her own chair. He was not the kind who believed that I pay bills, you do household chores or vice-versa; along with his excellent professional skills, he had oodles of Maggi & Sandwich making capabilities.

He was not the guy who introduces her as a friend, he was proud to show her as his girl, yet he didn’t bombard her social media  trying to mark his turf. He knows she is his, and he didn’t have a need to prove or emphasize it.

He never shied away from topics like sexual abuse, infertility, adoption, and other taboos. He never promised his girl that he would be her Knight in shining armor but time and again taught her to  be her own Knight.

He never took personal calls at work, but if it’s his mom or girl traveling in a lonely road that night, work definitely took a backseat. He took every relationship seriously, but that didn’t dissolve his sense of humor.

Of all these things, the best was he never knew that he had all these charismatic qualities and that humbleness made him more appealing to everyone.



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