Just in here, forever…

I was cleaning an old wardrobe this morning, and I found a note signed, “Just in here, forever, ” by an old friend of mine, or should I say, by a person who used to be a friend of mine.

I showed it to my mom & said, “Sometimes, forever comes with an expiry date! Ha!”

She knows that friend of mine. He was the only guy apart from my blood brothers, I called as “Anna,” she asked, “What is the first memory that comes to your mind when you see this?”

I said, “CMBT. He came to drop me in the bus stand. I wanted soda. As I prefer Pepsi over Coke, he searched in almost 20 shops to get me a Pepsi tin. He didn’t give up even when I said I can manage with Coke.”

I was smiling ear to ear! She smiled proudly and said, “See, that’s what forever means. Forever in your memories. People come & go, deaths, fights, break-ups, and divorces happen. Not everything can be resolved. Certain things are meant to  stay broken. However, the memories you want to remember stay on forever.”

I smiled, wiping a tear from the corner of my eye.

“Just pray that you don’t get Alzheimer’s disease or Amnesia; in that case, nothing lasts forever. You won’t even remember the storyline of your favorite Harry Potter Series.”

Me: Grrrrrrr, Mooom!!!


  1. Guess that’s true. Nothing is ever lasting but we an do with memory. There are some relationships that we should enjoy and make the most till they are here but once they are gone, lets’ not make the grief over power our sense and individuality.


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