Surprise!!! – Isn’t that the most exciting word?

Hey, folks,

Last Saturday was Vee’s birthday. He is someone I know for just a couple of months, but we did happen to have quite a good rapport. As this was his first birthday after knowing, I wanted it to be very memorable.

Planning birthdays & parties are something that I love. It’s so thrilling & exciting. However, planning surprises is an all together different story. To start with, it needs a lot of time & brain usage.

Surprises are like oral sex, if done right, both, giver and receiver, will be happy.

However, trust me, surprising a person you are very close with can be really tough as they end up knowing that you got something up your sleeves. Without much ado, here is my story!


I had quite a few surprises planned for him, but let me just narrate a few of the really surprising ones.

1. I wanted to be with him at midnight, however, it seemed a little impossible as asking him to come to my place or me going to his place, with his knowledge, will not make it a surprise at all.

So, I pinged one of his close friends via FB & got his number. I made sure to inform Vee that I am spending the night at my aunt’s place & that I will catch up with him in the morning. I made Vee’s friend spend the whole evening with him.

They seemed to have had a lovely boys’ day out at the cinemas watching back-to-back movies. By 11:45, I took a cab and went to the theater. His friend did text me where they were. I already ordered cake in his favorite flavor, blew few balloons, and was at the theater entrance.

The problem was that the movie hall security neither allowed cake nor me inside. I called him, wished him at 12 and cut the call. The movie got over by 12:10 & when he walked through the gates, one look on his face, I knew that he was surprised beyond measure. This is a really good surprise to try out when it’s his/her first birthday with you.

2. I also gathered my friends who know him/know about him, and made them hold a placard with “HBD, His Name,” and click pictures. I made a collage out of it, and posted it on his FB timeline. He definitely wasn’t expecting that. This works best if he/she had never had such an experience.

3. One another surprise was a spa session. I booked a spa session for him at a lovely spa in the city. I went to his place, & said him that I need to run to a store before dinner. While he started driving, I had put a navigation to the place next to the spa, a hair salon, and said Vee that I wanted to buy a shampoo. He knows my obsession with my hair & he readily agreed. Once we reached there. I asked him wait in the parking. After the spa table was set up, I called him & said that my card wasn’t working. He came upstairs & was surprised about the spa session.

I really hope he had a great birthday. Now, if you like what I did, why not show some love? Like, share, comment, and make my day! Also share your surprise stories below, I would love to read them.



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