Big Bang Theory – Bar & Kitchen – Restaurant Review

Hi, foodies,

This place was in my wishlist since the time they started it. However, I never got to visit here until now. Few days back, I was insisting my friend that we go to this place for dinner. Ha, who will say no to me – the foodie?

Strawberry Smoothie With A Dash Of Vodka & Chocolate

Location: This place is in Kodambakkam, and it is quite convenient to reach. They have valet parking too.

Ambiance: The ambiance of this place is lovely. There was a cricket match going on that night & with that day’s crowd & stuff, I felt like being in a sports pub, which is a good thing. The interiors are very attractive, and the music was quite good too. Although, this place gets listed under nightlife, this is just a resto-bar with no dance floor.

Service: It was a Friday night, and obviously this place was crowded. We didn’t have reservations too. Still, the service was quite good & quick.


Drink: We ordered the drink on the pic above, I had no idea what that drink’s name is. It was in the menu there, but couldn’t recollect or find it in Zomato menu now. It is strawberry+fresh cream with a dash of Vodka & Chocolate Syrup. It was the yummiest cocktail ever.


Quesadillas: This amazing Mexican starter is my favorite, generally. At BBT, I felt this was just about okay. It kinda felt a little stale and too Indianized.


Grilled Veg Sandwich: This is by far the most amazing & filling sandwich I ever had. It was filled with broccoli, zucchini, and a generous dash of pesto sauce. This was served with tomato sauce and French fries.


Bulchi: My friend had this chicken burger and he says that it was just amazing & yummy. It was quite a big filling burger too. Again, it was served with fries & sauce.

VFM: I felt that at the bill amount of about Rs. 1300, it was quite a VFM.

Do I recommend this place? Yes!
Will I visit again? Yes!
Rating: 4/5


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