An Evening At The Apollo White Dental

Hi, folks,

I am brought up in a household where if I get headache, mom makes coffee; if I have heat boils, mom puts sandal on it; if I have tooth pain, mom gives cloves. Trust me, home remedy is less stressful and more effective. However, our lives are too complicated these days and so is our health. Recently, I was called by Apollo White Dental to avail their services and review them. I have been to dentist before and as my last appointment with one was almost a year ago, I readily agreed.


The picture above is that of the Royal Suite of the Apollo White Dental in KNK Road. This is one of the luxurious & suave branches with various facilities ranging from separate rooms for each services to value-added services like massage chairs, XBox Rooms, and foot spa counter.


Ambiance: The place is crystal clean with amazing modern interiors and comfortable seating. This branch has a wide range of celebrity & NRI patients, so it is designed to be classy.

Service: The service is quick and friendly. I had no problem in my teeth and as I follow a high oral hygiene, I just needed a very quick scaling. However, if you are new to visiting a dentist or if you have cavities and/or dispositions, it might take a long time.

Additional services: I went around and spent some time looking around the various rooms, interacting with dentists, and availing those value added services.


That’s me getting a foot spa done.

Price: The consultation starts at INR 600 and basic scaling starts at INR 1500. The rest of the services depend on your consultation results.

Advice from dentists in general:
1. Brush teeth twice a day.
2. Use dental floss at least once a day.
3. Gargle after every meal.
4. Have sweets and drinks along with meal & not separately.
5. Avoid munching munchies & junk often.
6. Visit dentist every 6 months.

I had a nice time at the Apollo White Dental, why don’t you guys try & see?


Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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