5 Gifts You Can Get For Your Girlfriend This V-Day – My Picks!

Hi, guys,

Gifting is a nice way of showing that we care. Remember how happy it would be when someone gives us something? Despite most of us claim that love shouldn’t be materialistic, these tiny materialistic things do at times add a lovely flavor to love.

This V-Day could be the first V-Day with your loved ones or you guys might be 5 years and going strong or you guys might be facing a little issues, whatever it may be, just add a pop of flavor by picking one of these beautiful gifts for your girl. If you are guy reading this, go ahead make the purchase, you can thank me later. If you are a girl, here is the post that you must share to let your guys know. Also, wait for 5 gifts you can get you BF this V-Day, coming up next.


1. For The Girl Who Has Nothing To Wear!
Does your girl dress up cutely always? Does she love clothes? Does she remind you of the girl from the confessions of a shopaholic? Go ahead, purchase her a lovely dress. If you have time, you can order this lovely Little Black Dress from Koovs.Com.


Koovs.com does have a lot of amazing collections, that would suit every girl. A little tip here to the guys, if you are unsure of the size of your girl, go to size guide & check for the measurements corresponding to the size. I am pretty sure you would be knowing her vitals.

2. For The Girl Who Dolls Up!
Does your girl talk in language of Mac and Krylon? Or does she walk around with a winged eye as if it’s just a casual thing to sport? Does she have a collection of lipsticks in her wardrobe? Wanna know what you can gift her? Well, it’s tricky. She might want to do swatches of lipsticks, she might wanna try the compact on her jawline, and what not. Easier option? Eye Make-up! Gift her this amazing eye-shadow palette that has whooping 100 shades from Nykaa.com.


3. For The Girl Who Reads!
Ah, lucky you! You date a girl who reads! But yeah, unlucky you, you can’t gift her the wrong book. If you know her enough, you will be able to pick her favorite genre. Or if you are a Bibliophile too, then it’s easy. Otherwise, here is a tip, remember her favorite book series? Harry Potter? Lord of the rings? Shiva Trilogy? Agatha Christie? Famous Five? Did she tell you on how she doesn’t have the collection yet? Or how she happened to borrow books from library? Get her that book series. If you happen to get a hard cover, even better! Amazon.com has some amazing discounts going on on this lovely Hogwarts Library set.


4. For The Girl Who Loves Experiences!
Does she prefer to have an adventurous or memorable experience than a gift? Does she think that memories are the biggest gift? Go ahead, plan a lovely weekend getaway for her to a nearby place. Check out sites like Thrillophilia.com to find amazing getaways near your city.

5. For The Busy Girl!
Is she working too hard that she didn’t get even a little time to change her nail paints? Well, pamper her. Get a lovely spa deal for her to pamper in luxury. O2 spa has some amazing deals. Check them out.

Well, what are you waiting for? Spread & make love this Valentine’s. Happy V-Day in advance!

Do tell in comments about what you gifted your GF or what your BF got you.



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