12 Ways to Style A Skater Dress

Hi, gorgeous people,

The first question a guy I recently met for a few times asked me is, “Don’t you ever repeat clothes?” I was like, “Hmmm… We haven’t met so many times yet!” When I was telling about this to my sister, she said, “Don’t worry, you can see the same guy for 2 years & still not repeat clothes, you have so many.” However, it’s not like I have wardrobe like a movie actress. When it comes to dresses, I have very limited ones. That’s when I wondered how to wear my favorite dress in different ways to different occasions without making it repetitive.


The dress I picked is an XS size Printed Skater Dress from Max. Of late, I am in love with Max. They have quite a good collection of dress & winter wear. This dress is plain in front and has a cross pattern at the back.



Here is a quick sneak peek on the twelve ways to wear a skater. Now, I shall give details of each outfit.

1. Simple Date Look:


Details: I went plain & simple, wearing a lovely pair of earrings, nude heels, and curled my hair.
Occasion: You can wear this for your first date or a simple wine & dine with friends.

2. Jazz it up!


Details: When bored with the plain look, you can still retain the look & wear a Capri on matching color, belt, and lotta funky jewelry. Wear a matching flats.
Occasion: For a movie night, to a stand-up comedy, or to concerts.

3. Americano!


Details: Just a denim jacket & a denim ballerina. Hair left loose in a side swept manner.
Occasion: To a paintball game, to watch a game, or when you are meeting the guys!

4. Go formal!


Details: What will you do when you have a date that evening, but had to go to office that morning? Button up that formal shirt on your dress with a elegant heels and tie your hair into a sleek updo. By evening, you can remove the shirt & go to look 1.

5. Neon Love!!!!


Details: Are you a neon fan like me? Wearing a full neon dress can be too bold & might not suit everyone. So just add a neon top on the skater dress. You can either wear a neon pumps in similar color for it or a neon flats too.
Occasion: Lunch with friends, Shopping, Taking a day trip.

6. Add a pop of color:


Details: This is what I do when I am bored of my dress. Add a pop of color through a shrug. Persian blue adores most skin tones, so yeah, go for it. You can add more color by wearing a colorful ballerina or simply wear the nude/black heels.
Occasion: Meeting his parents (this is conservative in a way), date on a cold night, beach/roof top dinner with friends.

7. Oooh…It’s winter time!


Details: What would you do when you wanna wear dress but it’s freaking cold? Jazz it up with a matching sweater, gloves, and cap. You can wear stockings & ankle length boots too, to complete this look.
Occasion: Literally, to any fun occasion in winter.

8. Not so winter!


Details: When it is not so winter, then yeah, just a knit jacket & your favorite boots/heels can do the trick.
Occasion: Shopping on a winter evening, to a dinner.

9. College Gal!


Details: We do love wearing dresses all the time, but they may not be appropriate always. If you wanna wear that dress as a skirt, add a fun looking tee and a Capri pants. Yes u are good to go to college with a nice bag & denim shoes/sneakers.
Occasion: College, School, etc.

10. Back to School:


Details: Wear a white or solid tee inside the skater dress & pair it with a matching sneakers/shoes. Your can even sport cute ponytails.
Occasion: If you are a school girl or if you wanna do a role play.

11. My Beach Look:


Details: A colorful Scarf! And a bohemian updo!
Occasion: To beach parties!

12. Yo Yo!


Details: This is by far my favorite outfit! I just added a cap & a sleeveless tee tied into a knot in the end.
Occasion: To watch games, to play games, to do a flash mob!

Those were my 12 ways of wearing a skater dress. What are yours???? Comment below!

~Stay gorgeous,


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