Wazir – Check mate?!

Hi, folks,

After a long time, I am back to my “movie rants” section. As most of you would know, I ain’t a movie person, but when I do watch a movie, I hope it is not a waste of time. After seeing trailers, the Farhan fan in me wanted to watch it, and I liked Bejoy’s previous movie David, and the  movie’s crew & trailer indeed made me more wanting to watch it. Did I like the movie?


1. Amitabh/Pandit ji: This man surprises me, every single time. 15 years back, I used to argue with my brother-in-law that, Amitabh is over-hyped. I wasn’t a big fan of his those days movies. However, in the past few years, this veteran actor had changed my view, be it Paa, Black, or Wazir, to name a few, Amitabh proves to be the best. Never for a moment you see him as the actor Amitabh. On the screen, I see only sad yet cheerful Pandit ji.

2. Farhan/Daanish: From the cute poet in ZNMD to the macho Milka Singh, this man never fails to make me fall in love with his acting. An angry animal, a soft lover, a poignant father, a jovial friend, and a charismatic ATS officer – Farhan’s every single cell acts.

3. Plot: You need a plot. Yes, my dear directors, you always need a plot to make audience remember your work. Amidst the crazy plotless commercial flicks, Wazir’s plot is just as mind boggling like a game of chess.

4. Aditi/Ruhani: Can she get anymore beautiful? Yes, she doesn’t dance like a pro, but she is gracious, poignant, and has an awesome screen presence. She reminded me if Trisha from Yennai Arindhaal, a poignant, strong woman.

5. Dialogues: I love dialogues more than screenplay, lyrics more than music. For a person like me, dialogues must be written with stardust to impress. The dialogues in this movie are truly magical. Writing my favorite dialogues would be spoiler, so I will mention the scenes, so you can recollect if you have already watched it or look out for it, when watching. The dialogue Pandit ji uses to Ruhani & her mom; the dialogue by Pandit ji to Daanish after the former gets attacked; the final voice-over dialogue during Ruhani dance drama.

I guess, if I add one more point & put John Abhraham, people will kill me. He did a super short cameo, yet John’s screen presence ๐Ÿ˜ฎ whoaaaa!

With so much positives, is this movie a clean checkmate win? Nope. So what went wrong? Screenplay! You have the best actors, brilliant plot, soul stirring music, poignant dialogues, and a good cinematographer, yet the story feels incomplete and leaves a void. As they say screenplay is crucial. If the screenplay was better, this movie is a clear checkmate.

As you know, I don’t rate movies. I recommend this though. Watch it! ๐Ÿ™‚


One comment

  1. I was planning to watch it…now, after reading your beautiful review, I am going to watch it! I like both old man Amitabh (I was not a fan of young man Amitabh except for a few movies like Anand and Chupke Chupke) and Farhan too!

    Good review!


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