Bhima by Vikas Singh: A Book Review

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I am so determined to finish all the pending reviews and posts that got delayed due to Chennai floods. So, for the next few days, you can expect me bombarding your feed with a lot of posts. If you know me well, you know that I am interested in reading mythological fiction. I can say it all started with Dan Brown. However, slowly, I am more inclined these days to Indian Myth Fics. Most IMFs, not to be confused with Impossible Mission Force, either write on The Ramayana or The Mahabaratha. I guess the beauty of these epics is that no matter how many versions you read, you again would read one more version.

Book Blurb: I am half-man, half-superhuman. I am the mightiest warrior of my time. I have violated my dharma and murdered a man in cold blood. I have, single-handed, wiped out a whole generation of my kinsmen. I have committed acts of unspeakable brutality on the battlefield. I have done it all for the love of one woman. A woman who loves my brother.

I am Bhima, the second Pandava. This is my story.

Possessed of amazing strength, fierce loyalty and great tenderness, Bhima as a character is almost always eclipsed by Yudhishtira and Arjuna. In spite of his many virtues, he is destined to be remembered as all brawn and biceps. Now, in Vikas Singh’s retelling of the Mahabharata, India’s greatest epic is narrated through the eyes of a hero who has never got his due. A fascinating account of a fascinating character — his extraordinary courage, his obsessive love for Draupadi, his deeply conflicted emotions about his brother, Arjun — this stunning work, written in a racy, entertaining style, provides the definitive answer to the question: What was it like to be Bhima?

Stri’s Take On It: This book was a welcome relief from the other versions of Mahabaratha, which were mostly from a spectator point of view or from Yudhistra’s, Krishna’s, or Arjun’s point of view. The author showcases love, lust, hate, ans resentment of the strongest Pandava. I have always wondered why someone never wrote a book from Bhima’s point of view because we all know that he was the one who swore to avenge Draupadi’s humiliation. This book is for people like me who would love to read the epic tale again and again from various perspectives.


  1. Very unique version of the Mahabaratha.
  2. The emotions and flow of story is described very well from Bhima’s POV.


  1. For such an epic, I would have preferred more crispier and hooking narration.

Rating: 3.5/5

Do I recommend? Myth Fic Lover? Read it!

Bottom line: If you love reading Mahabaratha from various protagonists’ perspectives, then yes, this is the one for you.

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