Beyond Madras – Park Hyatt – Restaurant Review #10

Hi, folks,

One of the things that I miss about Chennai is the awesome food places that I visit to review. Here, in Hyderabad, I am not well established as a food blogger, so I don’t get much restaurant or event invites. If any of you are foodies from Hyderabad, rope me in to the PRs. This place, on the review today, Beyond Madras is a restaurant at the Part Hyatt.

Beyond Madras at The Dining Room is an experience. It is the experience of looking back fondly at the treasure trove of grandma’s recipes. Looking back at bygone years. At reliving family meals that used to be rife with laughter and stories.

Looking back…. behind the veil of time, and beyond the concept of erstwhile Madras….. where existed a home.

A home where emotions were nurtured with warm, fluffy appams and stories were teased out with wickedly spiced chutneys. The generous usage of millets…. the reassurance of traditional rituals…. the delicious waft of simmering stews, lovingly stirred by the hand of a doting paati.

These were all memories of yester years. Beyond Madras at The Dining Room encapsulates memories from another place and time. Guests are invited to come and enjoy a pleasant breeze from bygone years, and relive forgotten flavours.


Location: When a restaurant is present in Part Hyatt, it is hard to be missed, isn’t it?

Ambiance: While, the restaurant seemed to have tried to maintain traditional ambiance, it also looks romantic as it is nearby the small man-made pond, which can be viewed from the big windows by the side. In short, dining here is traditional yet contemporary romantic.

Service: I was a blogger guest, and I had a personal food assistant, the assistant manager himself. The service was friendly, timely, and informative (about the dishes).

Food: Most of the dishes were authentic. I have been eating traditional South Indian Food since childhood and I know it when a dish is authentic or not. A couple of dishes, however were a little compromised on taste. The Sharbat had artificial flavors, which I think was a drawback. The desserts after the meal are just YUMMMMMMMMM!

VFM: Rs. 1300 + Tax per person – Buffet. I guess it is worth the ambiance, service, and spread.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Will I visit again? Yes.

Rating: 4/5

P.S: Meal was sponsored. However, the review is honest and unbiased.

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