35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad – A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

So, the good news is, my city, Chennai aka Madras, is safe; the not-so-good news is most of the places are still in rehabilitation stages. Chennai floods had burst a lot of bubbles for me, from my Lonavala trip to a wedding that I had to plan. One of the many things that were on hold by me was BLOG POSTS! Brace yourselves, please! I have like some 10-20 pending posts that need to go live. I already feel like a hot lady wearing lovely boots (not just boots, but clothes too) and firing the blog posts at a cyclic rate of fire. The first book for the day is Robin David’s 35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad.

Book Details:

  • ISBN: 978-9350298459
  • Genre: Dark Humor
  • Pages: 224
  • Publishers: Harper Collins
  • Price: 325 INR


Anant, a thirty-five-year-old small-time photographer in Ahmedabad, has a recurring nightmare. In it, a three-legged bitch is chained to his ankle, slowing his step and dragging angrily behind him. Try as he might, he is neither able to free himself of the mongrel in the dream nor the dream itself. What does the dog signify? Raashee, his one-time lover who now exists only in online chat windows? Or Diane Arbus, the legendary 1960s’ photographer whose groundbreaking ideas have no takers in Ahmedabad? Or his father, with whom he has a strained relationship? When psychologists and Google fail him, Anant embarks on a Kafkaesque journey through the city to find the answers that elude him.

35 and Sexless in Ahmedabad is a darkly comic story about a lonely man’s quest for real connections in times of virtual connectivity – a misfit artist’s alienation in a conservative city, here Ahmedabad but could be any other. But the most hopeless of situations often have simple solutions. As Anant discovers, his three-legged dog is actually a profound problem with a surprisingly primal answer.

Stri’s Take On It:

Seeing the title and the book blurb, I was wondering if this book is going to be a philosophical one. I am a decade away from 35, and I definitely don;t know what being 35 is gonna be. So, with so much courage and no prejudice, I picked this book to read, and Robin caught my eye, mind, and soul from the first paragraph. Words flow as smooth as lubricated *wink* *wink* Oh wait! I am not being the P-Word Woman here, the book so stealthily yet brilliantly and frankly talks on taboo terms.

Also, while for first few chapters, I was so thinking this book is gonna be a light, peppy, humor read, but Nah! I was wrong. It was indeed philosophical but in a humorous way. Once, the plot unveils deeply, the humor gets dark and so does our introspection.


  1. The story flows way too smoothly. The narration is stark clear yet emotionally moving.
  2. The story line is brilliant and so was the screenplay.


  1. I didn’t find OOPS that was significantly pulling this down.

Bottom line: If you prefer to read dark humor or you are experimenting in that genre, pick this one! If you are a peppy, light humor lover, stay away!

Rating: 4/5



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