Chennai Rains & Life Lessons

Hi, folks,

December is already there, and I am still not close to finishing my 2015 goals. Quarter-Life Crisis! However, the past one month has been crazy. I have been sick, but that’s not even a priority to me anymore. Chennai is flooded. The city I love, the city I adore, the city I grew up in. I felt bad when Gujarat had Earthquakes, when Paris had terrorist attacks, when 9/11 happened, but in all those cases I can only feel sorry for.

However, I am right here in Chennai. My mom, sis, & Krish insisted that I leave the city & go. They wanted me to take a flight out before they cancel flights. Now that they have cancelled, mom is blaming me for staying back.

One of my rooms had power problem; the whole switchboard blasted. Another room has water seeping through terrace forming a small puddle. There were times I ll scream and shout if there is even a single mosquito in my room. Being a pampered princess, I am always safe.

But life at hostel & traveling taught me to chuck my first world problems. I, against my family wishes, opened my house for shelter. I was happy that many of my friends did the same. Apart from hosting guests, we wanted to utilize the resources we have. My friends from blogging circle used social media to spread the news of stranded people. We called, checked, rechecked as much as possible. But, we are still lesser mortals who couldn’t help many.

Many say if you earn a lot then you can do charity, but yesterday I understood that more than money people needed people. I got a call, a friend had given my number, from a girl saying she was scared to be alone. Her parents were not in town & some of her friends weren’t picking the call. I asked her if she wants to be moved of the house, and said, “No, talk to me. I am afraid. I have no one else to talk to.” I was taken aback. Sometimes, all we need to do is be there for others.

A couple of students from reputed university had been stuck inside their campus with no food, power, or internet. Their block was flooded. It’s not everyday someone says they can pay you how much ever you want, just to make them travel 2km. I asked them what they wanted, and they said, “Food.” They are not poor or needy; they are wealthy enough to take a business class ticket in flight. Calamities show us that everyone is equal in front of nature.

Many people I know are opening shelters for the stranded & needy. Feel free to tweet and ask for help #ChennaiRainsHelp #RainShelter #ChennaiRains and tweet me @Sri_Indrasenan. Happy to help.

Well, thanks to CBC friends (bloggers) for being the Good Samaritans. Also a big thanks to @sowmyarao_ and other helping minds.

P.S: National media, stop bickering about who killed whom or who has the most intolerant wife or which party blamed whom. That’s the last thing we want to see on TV while searching for news like how many cubic feet water is released from which lake.

Stay Safe,


  1. Glad to know you fine. It’s so good of you to speak to the girl and reaching out. We need someone to speak to and know someone is look at us, comforting in moments of weakness. It’s not necessarily about shelter but more so, of the comforting words and shoulders.
    Stay safe, Sri.


  2. Glad to be here, like the new look of your blog, its so nice to read this post; and yes agree there have been so many people forgetting reaching out and finding ways to help, so true sometimes all we need to do is just listen; and be there, thank you for sharing, enjoyed reading your post.. in fact I am so impressed I starting writing a post and hopefully post it ..


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