How To Style A Floral Print Maxi Tube Dress?!

Hi, gorgeous people,

Most of you would have read my recent short story, Laya Krish. It was written for the first-of-its-kind collaboration event by CBC with Stylori. I would do a detailed post on the event experience before end of this week. Right now, I want to share the OOTD post from the day.

Most of you know that I am a freelance EmCee, I host mostly corporate events, but at times, I do fun events to. So, if you need a freelance MC, you now know who to contact 😛 But, yeah, CBC is like a family to me, and when the chance of co-emceeing the event came along, I was more than happy. I wanted to refrain to a simple skater dress, but then this happened.

Photo Courtesy: Sriram Acharya

I got this dress in a really last-minute manner. I was attending a bloggers event at EA, and with a couple of other bloggers, I went shopping. One of the lovely ladies wanted to shop, but even before she bought something for herself, I ended up buying this.

The next day was #CBCStylori event and I had no idea how to accessorize this or if I could pull a tube dress without making fun out of myself. I am almost a pro in rocking a shorts and tank tops, but when it comes to something less sporty and more girly, it is tough for me. After some mind-boggling styling ideas from my fashion blogger friends, I ended up wearing this.

Photo Courtesy: Mahendran Thiru (I fondly call him Mahi!)
Most of you know how much I suck in my candid photos but Mahi captured candids brilliantly and so stealthily. Yes, if I see someone is trying to click me, I will pose, but this photo was completely taken without my knowledge.

You can contact him on FB here. Did I tell you? This multi-talented guy apart from blogging, clicking beautiful people like me (yeah, I am narcissistic), and having a full-time job also writes in Tamil here.

Coming back to the topic of my dress, I was wondering when I wore it and started from home, but one look on my mom’s face when she saw me, I knew this dress is perfect.

Tube Dress: Ginger Brand, Lifestyle, EA, Chennai – Rs. 1600
If you are wondering what lingerie to wear with such a dress, you must read my post on lingerie here. Tip 3 and 7 works for this dress.

Main Earrings and Necklace: My brother gifted me the earrings and necklace set for a Raksha Bandhan. I am not sure about where he got that from as it came in a customized jewelry box. A small tip here: Precious jewels work great with off-beat colors like these. Go for pearl or platinum or even gold when wearing elegant colors.

Second Ear Stud: One of the perks of having multiple piercings, you can accessorize brilliantly. I didn’t have a picture clicked on that day to show my earrings but I wore it again now and clicked a selfie, so here it goes.


The second stud is a pearl one studded with tiny diamonds (not visible clearly). While, talking on multiple piercings, do you know the drawback of it, well, it’s tough for the guy to do a quick kiss on the ear without hurting himself or you.

Bracelet/Bangle: I am wearing my sister’s pearl bracelet in this, which again I have no idea where she bought that from.

I am sorry that I don’t have much idea on where the jewels were exactly bought from as they are gifted or stolen from brother and sister. You can however find close replicas of these in Narayana Pearls, Estelle, and Mystic. Or similar collections in precious metals are available in Stylori and other jewelry stores.


Nail Polishes: On my toes is Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish in Cappuccino (not visible in pictures; it is a n*de shade). On my hands is Maybelline Color Show in Pink Champagne. Please see the swatch above.

Shoes: I know I should have worn a nice heels to make me look slimmer, taller, and hotter, but somehow, I am not comfortable walking in heels. Also, mainly, I am exactly average Indian male height. Ha ha, yeah, 5 feet 5 inches is the average height of an Indian male, and I am 5 feet 5 inches that makes me 5 inches taller than average Indian female height, which is 5 feet 0 inches. No, I am not making that up; this information is based on a 2006 study by National Institute of Nutrition (Indian Council of Medical Research). Okay, enough of my excuses, I am always comfortable in my favorite ballerinas from Bata, shown in the pic below.

The shoes aren’t good in the picture, but it suited my accessories so well in real. I felt like Cinderella in that dress and glass textured shoes. But, yeah I am not gonna lose my shoe. I love shoes more than guys! 😛
Anklets: These beautiful charms anklets were from a local silversmith from Sowcarpet, Chennai.

Make-up Details: Most of the pics were clicked after 3 hours of me getting ready, so here I have a selfie of me, when I got ready. Most of my beauty blogger friends say that I need to apply a primer to make the make-up stay. I would buy one soon, but I am not much of a make-up person. Here are the details of my make-up.

Mandatory Car Selfie
Face: L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique in Golden Amber.
Eyes: Diandra Trio Eye Shadows (Toast Of The Town).Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Turquoise and Black
Lakme Curling Mascara
Lips: Runway Russet by Street Wear
Hair: Washed and conditioned with Wella Range of Products.
Moisturizer: Body Butter by StudioWest – Green Apple and Aloe Vera

Well, that was what I wore for CBC Stylori Event. How do you think it is? Comment below! Love the look? Share it across


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  1. The dress looks beautiful and I can’t believe it was only 1600 :-O Excellent eye you have ! I love dresses but never have bought a tube dress because I didn’t think I can pull it off! Once all the snow melts , I am going to try one of these next summer 😀 Good post! I like how you winged it and don’t insist on brands or be a fashion nazi, Bata shoes seemed to worked as good as a fancy heel would have 🙂


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