Being An Fashion Blogger Aunt & ART-ery Review

Hi, gorgeous people,

Guess what, being an aunt is not that I always wanted, so when I first became an aunt at the age of 5, yes, it happened to me, I was shocked, but my nephew treats me like his sibling, due to our age-gap. So the next time, I became aunt, I was older and mature enough to expect it coming. My niece is the first and the last person I have aunt-ly feelings with. Whatever that means! Although, we look more like sisters and less like Aunt-Niece, she treats me like her mother, but she calls me by my name!

She: Sri, I want earrings!
Me: Oh! We will buy.
She: My best friend’s Mausi (aunt) gets her nice earrings, teddys, slippers, etc. She says she has the best mausi. I told her my mausi is more beautiful and intelligent too. Also, I told her you are a fashion blogger, and that you have a nice sense of fashion.Me: *again whatever being intelligent means* Oh! I will find you the perfect earrings. Don’t worry.

Just like how kids have peer pressure, we parents, aunts, and other relatives too have relative-peer pressure. Kids come and say, “Her mom did paneer. You give me sambhar.”

I have 500 odd artificial earrings collected over the period of 10 years, before that I never wore fancy earrings. My mom put a silver hoop and locked it on my ears. College life made me a fashionista that I am today.

I asked my sister if she can take any of my earrings, and my sister told, “I don’t think so. Buy some nice small studs, which can be fixed on her ear. Her school allows only that.”

Curious, I asked, “Why can’t she wear the same gold one?”

My sister said, “Small earrings are so in fashion. They looks pretty with anything. These tiny studs can be worn on uniform or as second studs, or on dresses with statement necklaces. Also, wearing gold by kids or even us is not that safe.”

I tried out a couple of small studs that I had, they were indeed brilliant on any dress, like my sister told. However, I never realized the worth of tiny earrings and didn’t buy them. I thought of going to Estelle or T.Nagar, but yeah, Chennai is water-logged in those areas.

I met my my blogger friend, Minu, over FroYos, weeks back. She was wearing one of these pretty studs.

I called her and asked, “Where did you buy those ear studs?”

She was shocked, but she patiently asked “Which ear studs?”

After I explained, she said, “Oh that day? I wore gold ones.”

I sighed, I don’t want to buy gold. I knew she was having an online accessories store. So, I asked, “Minu, ART-ery sells these type of tiny studs, too?”

She said, “Oh yes! You can have a look at it in the FB page or Insta and let me know, if you like anything.”

I saw them and Gosh, I loved everything!

I let the selection part to my niece as Minu’s store is on FB and Craftsvilla, and both the sites are easy to browse and pick what we need.

To place and order or know the pricing, all one has to do is ping the ART-ery page. She instantly replies.

I picked some earrings for myself too.

This is a Lovely Shoes Ear Stud!
I am crazy about this Owl Hand Cuff
I am literally head over heels in love with this Ring!

This is not all, she has a piece of jewelry for you every need. Why don’t you check them out to see for yourselves?

Name: ART-ery
Owner: Minu Marie Mathew
Type: Accessories StoreFB Page: Shop ART-ery
Instagram: Shop ART-ery
Other Sites: CraftsVilla
She also hosts few exhibitions, like and follow Art-ery on FB and Instagram to keep yourselves updated on that.

~Stay Gorgeous,

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