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It was his birthday. She had traveled all the way from Mumbai to Chennai. Long distance relationships suck, but at times, things like meeting someone after a month or two is a blissful experience. She had planned to surprise him with 27 gifts to mark his 27th birthday. It has been officially seven years since they started dating. He proposed to her on his 20th birthday, and unlike most girls, she said yes, even before he could complete the three golden words.

Their relationship had faced ups and downs, but their love kept growing strong. She was the romantic one, while he was the practical one. He never gifts her, while she makes him float in the ocean of gifts. His way of love was practical. He managed her finances, her blog PR, her tech stuffs, and her health reports. He massaged her foot after her tiring travel in the plane with small leg space. They were imperfect, but they completed each other to be a perfect couple.

On the midnight of his birthday, she gave him the 27 gifts that she got for him. Most of them were handmade by her: paintings, self-baked cake, homemade chocolates, and what not. It clearly showed that she had put months of effort to make this day look perfect. He on the other hand didn’t even buy a chocolate to give it to her. Neither he nor she even felt that as a concern for she loved him the way he is and vice-versa.

That night after a passionate session of lovemaking, she slept on his chest. He too generally falls asleep soon, but that day he was thinking about her. “What have I done to deserve her,” he thought. Her phone blinked. There were few random notifications, but one notification caught his eye. It was from Stylori. The notification was as if god-sent. He was planning to propose to her on his birthday, but he never was romantic enough to think of how to go about it. He was planning to ask her about how to do it. That’s the unique thing about their relationship. He always asks her about how to surprise her. However, this time all he had to do was browse through the collections. The app was easy and simple like any of the shopping apps. He wondered if they are trustworthy, so he did a little bit of Google Search, and it turned out that they are the online store for NAC Jewellers. What’s more can he ask for.

It didn’t take too long to decide what he wanted for her. A bountiful heart ring for her bountiful soul.


He was wondering how he would measure her ring size without disturbing her sleep, but the Stylori’s YouTube Channel had a clear video instruction on how to find one’s ring size with help of just a credit card and an old ring. He stealthily removed her ring and found her size.

He wanted to call the customer care, but it was pretty late, so left them a message asking about one-day delivery. Not sure, if they will deliver before she leaves the town, he opted for COD. The next morning, they called him back and said that the ring he liked was indeed ready at their store, and luckily even the same size was available, so they said that it be can be delivered immediately. That’s what he wanted.

That evening while she was cooking Maggi, which was recently back-from-the-ban, he received the ring. He stood close to her, she turned and said, “I think I removed my ring last night. I can’t find it. Can you search the house for me?” “I found it,” he told.


“Here,” he opened the ring box. No, he didn’t go on his knees, nor he made fake promises. He just said, “Will you put up with me for all my life? I may not surprise you now and then like this, but I can give you unlimited access to swipe my card on this Stylori app.”

“Well, in that case, you can use mine to purchase that XBox you always wanted, and may be even find a matching ring for you from Stylori. I want you too to wear an engagement ring so that those girls from your office know that you are mine.”

He smiled her at cute possessiveness. And together, they ordered an engagement ring for him.

1A ring that was as classy as him.

If you too love someone, then now is the time to express it. Be it your mom or mom-in-law, boyfriend or best friend, girl friend or daughter. Go tell him/her now with a special gift.

This story is written in association with “The Chennai Bloggers Club” for “Stylori” brand.



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