#TraditionMyWay – I am going crazy about Indo-Western!

Hi, Gorgeous People,

Firstly, I am sorry, I have not been very active in the recent times. I have been sick (still sick), and I hope to recover soon. A separate post on that coming soon. As of now, I wanted to share with you guys an OOTD. Well, as I am sick, I can’t wear much but skirts, these days. No to jeggings, leggings, jeans, and pants for a while. I quickly stocked up as many skirts as possible. While most skirts are either traditional or completely western, I wanted to spice up by Diwali by creating #TraditionMyWay. My way is totally Indo-Western.

I didn’t get to wear this outfit on Diwali as I was too sick on that day, so I thought of wearing it today to a luncheon I went with my friends to Azzuri Bay.


Firstly, have a look at my complete outfit.

That was a completely candid pic.. I fixed my hair and turned around!

As you can see, the shades are bold orange and jet black. Both colors are very strong on their own, so I wanted to keep the accessories minimal, yet I wanted to sport every accessory possible. Also, I have no make-up on, as Chennai Rains were keepping my skin well hydrated with the pleasant climate and after a really long time, I felt happy enough to have a no make up look on my face.


There is not even an inch of makeup on and I guess that improved the overall look and kept my outfit as the highlight. On my lips are Lakme Lip Love, on my skin is Johnson&Johnson Baby Moisturizer.

I kept my jewelry too in an Indo-Western way, so it was more of #TraditionMyWay.

On my ears – Orange Danglers, Thrift Store
On my Neck – Three layer Chain, Thrift Store
In my Arms – Beaded Indo-Western Bangles, WestsideIn my Ankles (not shown) – Charms Anklets, Thrift Store


The restaurant had this excellent Buddha Statues, and not clicking and sharing them could be a real sin! Ha ha, so!

I have this backpack from Max, which kinda fits whatever I dump, like Hermione’s bag. The coolers I have is from Fastrack, I guess.

I forgot to wash my hair, so I applied Garnier 3-in-1 Oil n Cream to keep it fresh and nice.


The Skirt is by Ira Soleil – You can find the same one in here.
The plain Black Tee is by Globus, if I am not wrong, and you can find similar ones in Jabong Website.

The ring I am wearing is gold, and my slippers are not visible here. So, yeah, this is how I styled #TraditionMyWay.

Tell me in comments how you would style your way of tradition.

“This post is submitted for Jabong’s #TraditionMyWay Diwali Contest”

P.S: None of the outfit or accessories are sponsored.

~Stay Gorgeous,


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