3 Tips To Jazz Up Your Home – #DecoHome

Hi, folks,

Everyone of us would love to jazz up our homes, just like how we dress ourselves up. However, most of the times, we might not know how or where to start. Also, buying every single thing related to home decor may be a menace to our pockets. If you are looking for some decorative wall shelves, fancy runners, or sensual bedding, you might like to shop from DecoHome. If I get a chance to jazz up my house, these are the three tips that I would follow.

Who Said Pillows Are For Bedrooms?

Decohome Cushion Cover broad trim ruffel red Price 399According to me, decorative pillows are the cheapest and vibrant option for home decor.. If you are looking to light up your house with a pop of color here and there, then buy some fancy decorative cushions and throw them on your chairs, sofas, beds, etc.

Add Contrasting Door Seals!


To make your simple, plain doors look more classy, add door seals in contrasting color. For a light brown or peach door, add a dark brown door seal to make the doors look rich. These seals will also seal the gaps thus maintaining the temperature when the air conditioner is on.

Utilize the walls!

Decowindowin wall shelf sheesham natural price 1199

Utilizing walls serves dual purpose: it makes people have some extra space and it makes the walls look jazzed up. I personally prefer wooden wall shelves as they go well with most wall colors, but if you have a statement wall color with shades like purple, mauve, sunshine yellow, or blue, then probably you can opt for some decorative wall shelves.

What are your favorite home decor ideas? Share them in comments.

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