5 Things About 10 Endrathukulla! – Me & Movies #1

Hi, folks,

Read this disclaimer post, before you read any further.

I happened to watch “10 Endrathukulla” movie yesterday with a friend of mine. We initially thought of going to The Intern last week, but as I was held up, I couldn’t make it, so we had to make new movie plans. I personally was keen to watch this movie.

imagesIf you know me personally, you know that I am not a movie buff, I always go by instincts to a movie, and the movies I enjoy are varied and quite weird. I will soon come up with a post on what movies I enjoy and what not.

The last movie, I went this friend was Mass and well, let me not talk about it, and let’s stick on to 10 endrathukulla.

  1. Villain With Designer Shoes In A Desert Backdrop: Just like Siddharth Abhimanyu from Thani Oruvan, the villain from this movie is all geared up in stylish clothes and a designer shoe. I bet you haven’t seen a shoe like that since stone age, for the shoe by itself is made of stone! Another interesting connection between SidAbhi & this guy is just like how SidAbhi lives in the dark (Naan irutulaye vaazharavan da!), this guy lives in desert throughout that movie. Another coincidence was, just like SidAbhi’s tagline, “I’m not bad, just evil,” this guy says, “I am not villain, just agent!”
  2. Was hero’s name Kunjidapaadham? Well, all through the movie the hero doesn’t use his real name. That makes me heavily doubt that if his real name was something that would mean way too vulgar or funny. Confirming my suspicions, the hero finally reveals his name to the heroine, and the look on her face makes it sure that his name was as bad as Kunjidapaadham or Piscine Molitor.
  3. Is Samantha the new Shakeela? After some really classy stints in Naan Ee and Neethaane En Ponvasantham, Samantha was spotted in some glamorous roles in the recent times. With double meaning dialogues and some oomph factor, she makes justice to her screen name in this movie. Oh yeah, not to mention the big stereotype of “women can’t drive,” is well utilized in the movie.
  4. The Poison Paati: We all know the paati from the movie Whistle who adds poison to paayasam (kheer). There is a similar paati here in this movie, just that she is good enough to eat the poison in the paayasam by herself for the sake of kudumba maanam (family honor). If you are wondering how a 95-something paati is going to uplift the family honor, you gotta know that she is from a matriarchal society.
  5. Parthasarathy: If you have watched “Indru, Netru, Naalai” movie, you would all know the Parthasarathy. Well, this guy appears in a cameo in this movie, and trust me if India makes a remake of Interstellar, he is the right candidate for the protagonist. He is a “born scientist.” However, in this movie, this guy in a doctor, who gives the same reaction he gave in INN movie when he found something new from his research. After all, physics and biology are all science, why give different reactions?

Apart from these, there are some gravity-defying car stunts, songs that will make you dice to death when you hear and/or watch them, and some cuteness overload from Vikram & Sammy.

As I said in my disclaimer post, I am not a movie buff, so I would neither rate a movie, nor review it. Hope you liked the post. Please share it, if you found it good enough to be shared.


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