The Madaras Kafe – Nungambakkam – Restaurant Review #8

Vanakkam, Madras!

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I love addressing my city as Madras and not as Chennai. Madras is the city I was born in, and to me Madras is where my cultural ties are. So, when my friend wanted me to have brunch with him at this place, I said yes! Solely because of this place’s name. However, why it is Madaras and not Madras is something that bothers me.


Location: It is present in the basement of Ispahani Centre. The parking is good at the Ispahani Centre.

Ambiance: A contemporary ambiance – it is more like a big kiosk. The furniture are elegant in wood. The walls were decorated with frames with B&W pictures (as shown in the photo).

Service: The service was quite slow. Despite the fact that there were only around 3 tables of customers.

Food: My friend had already dined in there and he said that their dosas are not that great. So, we wanted to try something else. They have a really quirky menu, but we decided to try just a few basics like:

  1. Cheesy Varuval: It’s french fries with cheese. It is served with Tomato Sauce. I feel that they should have kept pepper and salt on the table. They didn’t seem to have it.
  2. Podi FriedIdly: This is easily the best dish ever. If I have to pick the best idly I ever had this comes second in my list. First being, Ratna Cafe. The chilli powder used makes it yummier. This is served with white Chutney.
  3. Cheesy Bhel Puri Sandwich: This was somewhat nice, but I felt that the chutney wasn’t mixed properly. Also, there were a lot of papdi use that made it feel like a papdi sandwich and not Bhel Puri sandwich.
  4. Choco Kaapicino: (not in pictures) This was nothing but a normal Cappuccino with choco powder on it. I liked it, but the quantity was toooooooo low!

VFM: All these were priced together at Rs. 336 + Tax. I felt it was nominal.

OOPS Moment:

  1. They didn’t have a couple of dishes that I asked for.
  2. You have ask for every dish. They don’t seem to bring it themselves.
  3. Quantity of hot beverages seem too small.

Do I recommend? Yes, especially for the Podi FriedIdly

Will I visit again? Yes. Only for the Podi FriedIdly

Overall rating: 3.25/5

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  1. It seems like an Okay sort of place! Sad that they were out of dishes you asked for

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  2. I really did not understand the concept of changing the name from madras to chennai, there are million other IMPORTANT issues that needs resolving ..

    and a good review 🙂


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