Shyam’s Bombay Halwa House – Restaurant Review #7

Hi, Folks,

Looks like I am catching up with all the restaurant reviews that I am supposed to do. Here’s a head up, this weekend, it’s gonna be all about books. Oh my god! So much to blog, so little time. So, today I am gonna review one of my most favorite restaurants, Shyam’s Bombay Halwa House. You can also see more about the place as well as my review @Zomato (Follow me!)


Location: This place is located in G.N. Chetty Road: Govindan Road, to be precise. We struggled a lot to find the place as we didn’t know where the Govindan Street is, and the Google Maps was pathetic.This street is right opposite Metro showroom. There is no parking space, and from the outside, it looks like a tiny eatery.

Ambiance: After reading positive reviews at Zomato, we went to this place, and from the outside we thought this place is just a small eatery, but once you go in, it has awesome cushioned seats and pebble-themed tables. The ambiance is good for couples as well as for friends and family. I don’t think this place is comfortable enough for business lunches.

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Service: The service was quick and friendly. They served every dish with patience, and they checked if we have allergies to any of the dishes served. They even mentioned beforehand about the ingredients in the dishes.

Food: Here’s the list of things we had:


Cream of Tomato: The soup was good, but it was just a tomato soup and not a cream of tomato.

Paneer Fingers: These were crisp and fresh. These were one of the best Paneer fingers that I have had.

Cheese Corn Balls: This is the cheaper version of Creme Center’s Cheese Balls. They were too good!

Papadchoo: Authentic and tasty, especially when had with the mint chutney.

Rotis: We ordered 4 types of Rotis: Tawa Phulka, Tawa Ghee Phulka, Stuffed Naan, and Garlic Naan – They where too good and well-cooked.

Stuffed Shimla Mirch: These were stuffed capsicum in a rich, creamy gravy. I personally loved it.

Veg. Jalfrezi: The perfect Bong dish made in an authentic fashion, this was the favorite dish among my friends.

Desserts: We ordered Paan Ice Creams, Rabdis, Malai Kulfi, and Chocolate Ice cream. The Paan Ice Creams were the second best. The first best is from Absolute Barbecue. The Rabdi was perfect for my taste, not too sweet. Kulfi and chocolate ice cream were good enough.

VFM: The food is a complete VFM as you can see the bill for yourself.

Do I recommend? Yes…

Will I visit again? Yes…

Overall rating: 5/5 (The first time, I am giving 5/5, I guess)

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