Pergola – The Accord Metropolitan – Restaurant Review #6

Hi, Folks,

I guess this is the first time I am reviewing a high-end restaurant. I generally prefer good food, no matter if it is from a luxurious restaurant or a roadside eatery. My best friend and I decided to celebrate our birthday at The Accord (her suggestion), and here it goes the review.


Location: This place is located at the G.N. Chetty Road, and it is quite huge and well-known. The parking is brilliant too just like other high-end restaurants.

Service: The service was quick, friendly, and impressive despite the fact that the restaurant was heavily crowded that night. We got a free cake from The Accord as we celebrated our birthday there.

Ambiance: This place is a must-try for people who want to have a romantic dinner. There are seats surrounded by glass for people who prefer a rooftop with A/C and artificial lighting, and for people who want to go completely natural, they can sit in the wooden tables and chairs placed outside the glass walls.

Food: The foods ordered were Choice of Creamy Soup (Tomato), Tandoori Naan, Kadai Paneer.


The soup was creamy and rich, but it was not the best tomato soup that I have had.



The naan was easy to tear and tasty, but it was over toasted at places so it had a badly burnt smell at the end.


Kadai Paneer:

The gravy was rich and tasty. It was definitely worth the price.

VFM: These 3 dishes were priced together with tax at around Rs.1200. I am not sure of the exact figures as I didn’t pay the bill. I feel the price was too high as the food was mediocre and similar to any normal restaurants. Also, the ambiance is good for romantic wine-and-dine experience. If you are looking for munching a lot of food then you should probably try the other restaurants in The Accord (to be reviewed soon).

Do I recommend? Yes, if you are looking for a romantic dinner date.

Will I visit again? Yes, for a dinner date, may be!

Overall rating: 3/5

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