Thali Meals at “Kakada Ramprasad” – Restaurant Review #5

Namaste, folks,

I finally visited Kakada Ramprasad after becoming a self-proclaimed food blogger. I have visited this place a lot in my childhood, but I badly wanted to review this place when I started reviewing restaurants on Zomato. You can follow me on Zomato here.

The Grand Kakada Ramprasad Thali
The Kakada Ramprasad Thali

Location: This place is located in Mint Street, Sowcarpet, and it is very hard to miss. This place is right there on the road, and it is a two-storied building, in which the ground floor is for sweets, snacks, and chaat items, and the upper one is for dine-in. If you happen to visit between 12 and 3, the upper floor serves only Thali meals. I didn’t take my vehicle so I am not sure about the parking facility, and by the looks of it, I don’t think there is a parking space in the whole street.

Ambiance: The upper floor is surrounded by glass walls and the seats are comfortable. No significant addition to the aesthetics, but sitting near a glass wall and gazing through the Sowcarpet crowd is definitely thrilling. The Thali meals was served in metal plates, cups, and glasses. However, the buttermilk was given in a plastic, use-and-throw glass.

Service: The service is prompt and quick.

Food: The starter, sweet, papad, and buttermilk were limited. Rotis, Sabjis, and Rice were unlimited. The spread is not as extensive as Rajdhani, but definitely worthy and yummy. They serve Rotis (with or without ghee – you have to say in prior), 3 different Sabjis (It keeps changing. On the day I went, it was Paneer Makhani, Aloo-Gobi Gravy, Lokhi Stir fry.) The starter I got was Paneer 65 and the sweet was Rajbhog. They also serve Sambhar (which they call as daal) and rasam. They also give cut onions for salads. On the table you will have 3 different types of pickles and one mint chutney. All the dishes (except sambhar and rasam), including the sweet, starter, and masala chaas (buttermilk) were brilliant in taste.The Sambhar and Rasam were pathetic.

VFM: The whole Thali is priced at Rs. 220 + tax, which is worthy if you have a good appetite.

OOPS Moment! They could provide a refill on buttermilk, starter, and sweet. If not unlimited, they could give a second helping in these three. Sambhar can very well be replaced by daal tadka as it would be more tastier at a North Indian eatery like this.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Will I visit again? Yes, would try their other dishes this time!

Overall rating: 3.5/5

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