Essential items every single woman should have in her bachelorette pad!

Hi, folks,

These days – being single is the new norm. Buying your own first apartment can be very exciting and delightful life event for any single girl. If you are a working professional, nothing can be as fulfilling as the feeling of self-pride which your experience after buying a destination which you can call home. Unmarried girls have lot more freedom than married ones as they can choose to decorate their abode. They can enjoy the process of putting together, comfortable, creative and above all highly personal living spaces! Here’s how to create exuberant and stylish single woman’s den.

Bedding for the single queen

One of the greatest perks of being single is you can sleep diagonally on your bed. You can go to extra mile to make it look charming, visually appealing. Make it extra fluffy – put on some designer cushion covers, soft toys and cute comforter sets to enjoy a divine sleep. Cute ceramic coffee mug and Fresh flowers places on the bed side table instantly liven up the space.


A piece of art for gorgeous entryway

Go on and splurge on a piece of art that fills you up with a sense of happiness. You can display it proudly on your entryway. You can also use stunning crystal vases and cute decorative candles to give a romantic look to your living area.


A stylish kitchen well stocked with your favourite beverages and snacks

Adorn your fridge with gorgeous fridge magnets, spruce up the look of your kitchen with trendy and functional kitchen appliances. You must have a collection of stylish wine glasses, coffee mugs to entertain guests in style.


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  1. I saw the words ‘sponsored post’ after I started typing this comment.
    I have a bachelor pad, not my own still it is my space. The first two points are very good ideas but the picture posted of wine glasses, too tacky and definitely more “couple entertaining” or vintage pieces. It looks so out of place in a female bachelor pad. Maybe wine glasses that look more fun to go with the fun fridge magnets. And paintings on the wall is another idea to spruce up your room.


    • Yes, all the pictures and content were provided by the client. While, wine glasses that look more fun to go with the fun fridge magnets can be a great idea, I personally prefer vintage. I certainly don’t think vintage ones are couple-entertaining only!

      Btw, welcome to my blog!

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