Among The Stars: A Book Review

Hi, folks,

Book Title: Among the Stars
Author: Dhasa Sathyan
Publisher: Notion Press
About the Author: Dhasa Sathyan is the pen name of a Chennai based Engineer called Yamunai Thuraivan. He has also written many songs in his mother tongue for several short films. He debuts as an author with this collection of short stories.

Book Blurb: What would you give to know your future? What happens when poison becomes your only elixir? Does happily ever after exist for real? Does love transcend time and death? What would it take to make you kill your closest?

“Among the stars” is a collection of stories that answer such questions we seldom ask aloud, as it treads along the gossamer thread that separates reality and fantasy, life and death, a hero and a villain.

Arjun listens to the stories from his favourite hero, his dad – a magician who could spin stories that make the world disappear. Stories that change the way the world seems. The collection also portrays the magical relationship between a story teller and his faithful audience and how we hold our story tellers in our hearts as they shape us into who we are.

“Among the Stars they lie,

Our loved ones – they never die.

Spread your arms and fly

Far, far away into the starlit sky.”

Stri’s take on it: Dhasa, the author, has chosen an unique way to make an entry into the Author World. He has chosen to publish short stories that are as varied as the colors of a rainbow, yet beautifully blended that it is as beautiful as the rainbow itself. Arjun hears these short stories from his father. We at times feel like Arjun, just that in this modern world no one tells us stories, but we do read them in good books like these.


1. Each story is a different tale that you can connect to.
2. The whole in complete is well-crafted so that it makes you want to finish it in a go.
3. The stories, unlike many others, are not just a one-time read, but like Chicken Soup, these are worth reading again and again.
1. A couple of stories could be edited better to maintain the crispiness. (I am not mentioning the stories here. As this is personally my opinion)
Rating: 3/5
Bottom line: Tiny beautiful beads weaved into a gorgeous necklace.
Do I recommend? If you are okay with a little bit of melodrama here and there, then yeah!
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