I lost weight. Now what next?

Hi, gorgeous people,

Most you would have read my post on how I achieved Size Zero. If you haven’t read that already, click here. So, I promised to come up with a post about Size Zero maintenance, but as you all know, I am a procrastinating princess, so apologize the delay. This post will primarily target on the most important issues that you have to face, once you have lost weight. Apart from the obvious problem of clothes being loose on you, there are other issues. And, this post will deal about the issues that your body undergoes after a weight loss.

Stretch Marks: The biggest problem with weight loss is the stretch marks. When I lost 18 Kgs, I had multiple stretch marks in my bust, butt, and thighs. Although, these are areas that aren’t significantly visible, still these made me feel uncomfortable while sporting a shorts or plunge neck tops.

The remedy was simple: castor oil. This is the one and only cheapest and most efficient remedy that works for stretch marks. Massage castor oil on to the places where you have stretch marks and leave them for few hours or overnight and wash off with warm water.

Weight Gain: After achieving the required weight loss, we cannot keep continuing with out diet plan, as it might make you become skinny. Also, being the food blogger I am, I tend to eat a lot in food meets and events. This would be a threat to my size zero.

The remedy was to gradually let go of my diet plan, and embrace a new one. My new diet plan has more carbs and fat. Here it goes:

My Diet/Food Chart!

As you can see my food chart is heavy during the start of the day and goes lighter and lighter. A sumptuous breakfast and a meager dinner is the key. This and my work-outs have helped me in maintaining a good metabolism rate that helps me stay thin despite those cheeses & wines from random food events that I attend.

Work-outs: These days I have very less time as I read a lot and watch TV series, so apart from 30 minutes Jog+Stretches, I do walk & talk (that I stated in my previous post). On a nice energetic weekend, I do cycling a bit. Apart from these, I do additional treks and travel that needs physical workouts.

Toning: One important issue with people who lose weight is the loose skin. I, thankfully, didn’t have loose skin, so it wasn’t a problem in my case, but if you do have loose skin then toning by hitting a gym can be a good remedy.

Reduced skin glow: Another problem that many people face and which fortunately, I didn’t was reduction is skin’s glow. Eat fruits, nourish skin with essential oils, and be stress-free! These will make your skin radiant. Also, avoid oily foods, don’t over-diet, don’t go out without a sunscreen.

I hope these tips helped you in the transition from XL to XS. Any more tips needed? Or do you have more tips? Any queries on weight-loss? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Well I went and r3ad how to reduce..now the exercise routine did you do all that. Everyday.. How do we get the time to do all that..
    Needs about 3 to 4 hours..

    I leave hone at 7:30 and usually don’t get back till about 9pm ..I wud not get that much time..

    Although saying that I have reduced so much on alcohol been 2 months not a single sip.. so yayyyyyyyyy. .

    I need to get to minus 20 compared to your pics..

    All the best and keep it up


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