Subtly Pink – ETHNIC #9 – BEING A WEDDING GUEST #2 – 2Looks 1Outfit

Hi, Gorgeous People,

As most of you might now, I am going through a rough phase in my life. I don’t like sharing much of those personal details on my blog as I feel sad things neither sell, nor make things better by sharing on a public forum. However, just telling you beloved readers about my mind state makes it a little better for me because I know that my genuine blog readers do love me. Anyway off to the topic, I am trying to erase most of the images from my laptop and phone as the memory gets full just by these photos. So to make a memory of everything, I wanted to blog about them and store the blog backup instead of mere images. One such image is from last year.

Most of you know that I am a part of this blogging club called “The Chennai Bloggers Club” aka CBC. Two of the bloggers from CBC got married! Yay, that’s so cute. Fortunately, the wedding was nearby my place, so I happened to doll up and attend the wedding of these two, who I have never met before, personally, but I do know them through their blogs.

Sriram blogs here: mypradoxicalparadise (Don’t scold me, if you feel that things are too complicated in there!)
Amrutha, a dancer, blogs here: AmruthaWrites

So, moving on to the outfit details:

Saree: Pure Silk Saree From Kanchivaram
Blouse: Designer Gold Blouse that I got customized (wore it here too)
Bangles: Antique ones, that my sister got at her wedding time! Dunno where or how she got!
Neckpiece and Earrings: From Eve’s Pearls, Hyderabad
Ring: GRT Jewellers, Chennai
Footwear (not visible): An exhibition in Secundrabad

Here is another look with the same outfit. The blouse is from a local tailor (again customized). I wore this simpler look on my 23rd birthday! Gosh, I am 25 now! How times have changed!

I really love this saree. I am planning to wear it again for another wedding. What do you think? Love this saree and OOTD? Let me know in comments.

~Stay Gorgeous,

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