Hi, gorgeous people,

How many of you know my fascination and craziness for blue color? Yay! I love blue. So, a blue kanchivaram saree is like an icing on the cake. My amma passed on a blue light weight silk saree to me as she thought it would look good on me. A small secret here: all my mom’s sarees are mine as both of my sisters seldom wear sarees! 😛 So moving on to the look, ta-da!

Krish told me even yesterday that I must keep Bindis! Ha ha! He loves me when I have bindi on my forehead, well he loves me otherwise too! So here are the details of my outfit:

Silk Saree: Passed on by Mom from her wardrobe
Blouse: My “Holy Grail” Gold Blouse (worn here and here)
Neckpiece and Earrings: From Eve’s Pearls, Hyderabad
Bangles: From Eve’s Pearls, Hyderabad

No Make-up! No Hair-do!

This was for a best friend’s wedding reception, where I happened to just go as a wedding guest and not as a bridesmaid as it was a typical Iyengar wedding.

Well, you will know how much of a procrastinating princess I am when I tell you that this friend for whose wedding I wore this outfit, now has a baby! 😛

Anyway, I wore this saree again as a bridesmaid! I will blog about that soon.

Until then, like, share, and comment on my posts!

~Stay gorgeous,

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