The Nail Polish Shade I am Crazy About – Shh!!

Hi, gorgeous people,

I have been a little busy, and somewhat depressed for past 2 weeks. Yes, even a fun person like me can have their “I-hate-this-world” times. I am trying to get rid of the depression, and one of the ways to that was, chocolates? Yes, but another craze is nail polishes. I have always loved nail paints, but when I used to be small, I scratch them off 😛

Anyway, today, it is gonna be a really short post where I am going to share with you my favorite shade nail paint.

*Drum rolls* *Ta-da*

PicMonkey Collage

Yeah, that’s right, it’s the N*DE!

My friend Kay suggested me to try this shade as she felt this shade was perfect for both fair and dusky skin tones. She is warmly fair, and I am warmly honey complexioned, so I was doubtful, but when I bought my first N*de shade nail paint from Maybelline, I knew she was right.

Why I prefer N*de?

  1. It goes well with all skin tones and all clothes!
  2. It is both elegantly professional as well as stylish casual. All you need is to play with the coats, and other make-up to suit the mood.
  3. It gives nails a no-nail-paint look!
  4. It looks yummy (the color of chocolate)
  5. It makes your nails look longer.

What are the 3 different N*de shades that I own currently.

Maybelline Color Show N*de Skin:


Reviewed here and here.

Stay Quirky in My Shade #564 – Pastel Admiration

These look exactly like ColorShow from Maybelline, and they are priced around the same range. I will do an extensive review soon, but as of now, here is the picture of this shade. There are almost 4-5 n*de shades in this range.


Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish in Cappuccino

Priced at 299, these have a really neat finish, and come in 10 shades, while this is the only n*de brown shade available. Will do an extensive review soon.


As you can see the Maybelline is medium, Stay Quirky is light, and Oriflame is dark, but all are shades of n*de. I am so obsessed with shades in these tones, and I hopefulle will buy a few more.

Tell me in comments about your favorite shade.

~Stay gorgeous,

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