6-in-1 Book Review: Books of Santosh Avvannavar

Hi, folks,

Long back, I got request to review Santosh Avvannavar’s books. When I told him I would review his books, he sent me 6 of his books. Though, I finished the books long back, I had a busy time, that held me back from reviewing them. The review of these 6 books won’t follow my regular review style of extensive review, wows, and oops, but it will be a crisp brief about each book and what I felt about it. So here it goes:

  1. Prem Adhuri Kahaniya:

It’s an amalgamation of 25 short stories. These are the stories of 12 people that the author knew.

What I felt: A typical Bollywood-style masala romance with way too much melodrama.

2. Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero:

Again a series of short stories, this book is more or less like a “Chicken Soup For Couple’s Soul” series.

What I felt: It shares some hardcore lessons about marriage. Some of the stories are really good. But again, most of them are misogynist too!

3. The Departing Point:

A typical modern-day couple who fall in love, separate their ways, and realize that what they search was what they lost in their search.

What I felt: This would have been an impeccable story, if only we haven’t read Durjoy Dutta’s books and watched most of the Bollywood Rom-coms. Oh yeah, this book as a ‘A’ certificate in its disclaimer LOL!

4. Black Grey & White:

A book on HIV awareness

What I felt: The one book that actually made me feel that the author had potential to write good stories too. Five fantastic short stories in the form of conversations hit the bull’s eye. This is worth a buy

5. God’s Table:

A book on day-to-day life and social issues

What I felt: I would have loved it, if this book was a drama on theater and not a book. A theater-drama material.

6. Surrogate Author:

A modern remake of Devdas, where Devdas is an aspiring author and Paro is his first novel

What I felt: I wish I never got this book for review 😦

Bottom line: Santosh Avvannavar has some solid skills as an author that gets overpowered by too much Bollywood influence, Durjoy Dutta & Chetan Bhagat book influence, and some strange misogynistic attitude.


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