Nioxin Haircare Launch in Chennai – BOUNCE SALON

Hi, gorgeous people,

Almost 3 months back, I attended this NIOXIN Haircare Launch in Chennai. Well, I know I am super late in posting the event experience, but yeah, I just got held up with some crazy traveling (read here), and also, there was some issue at the client’s end too in sending my products (yeah, there is an exclusive product review coming up shortly).

Yup, I went with my niece!

Okay, to start with this event was organized by BlogAdda & Nioxin in Chennai. That’s like the first BlogAdda event in Chennai. (IndiBlogger guys, are you reading this?). I was super excited and I made sure that I am attending this event.

The launch of US based Nioxin Haircare was held in Bounce Salon, Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam, Chennai. Back when I was in middle school, Ispahani was one of the famous “malls.” The quotes are there because in those days, it was considered to be a big mall. Right now, it is a pretty decent hangout place with few nice stores, salons, and eateries.

Attending Nioxin launch taught me one big thing, which I didn’t know before: women lose hair after pregnancy :O Frankly, I didn’t know that. Have I ever told you? My worst nightmare is of losing hair and going bald :O Although, I don’t even have an hair fall problem now.

what we learnt?
  1. The back story of how Nioxin was born: Ms. Eva Graham wanted a post-pregnancy hair fall rescue system as she wasn’t happy with the stuffs in the market, she went ahead and created her own range of haircare products, Nioxin, 25 years ago.
  2. About how scalp also needs facial like face! CTM routine: Cleanse it, tone it, moisturize it.
  3. How each hair type is different and each needs a different system. Nioxin has 6 technologies, combined in mix-match pattern to give six systems for different hair types.
what are the six technologies and six systems?

6 technologies are Bioamp, Smoothplex, Activ Renewal, Glyco Shield, Treansactive Delivery System, Scalp Access Delivery System.
6 systems are 1, 3, 5: for normal to thin looking hair ; 2, 4, 6: for noticeably thinning hair.
1, 2: for regular/soft hair; 3, 4: for colored/chemically treated hair; 5, 6: for thick hair.

what all we got?

A consultation by in-house hair expert: My results were pretty clean. He said my hair was already nourished, and all I need to do is maintain it. Although, he didn’t think that I needed a system, he suggested me System 5 – Thick, Normal Hair as he thought over-traveling might ruin my nourished hair.

A free spa with the suggested kit.

Food & beverages!

Nioxin Kit worth Rs. 2399 in the suggested system

how was the overall experience?

It was a brilliant event and the spa was pampering. However, there were no immediate results except for the cooling effect of mint/menthol.

Read what I wore to this event: here
Stay tune for review of the product.

Nioxin is now in India. I am experiencing the magic of Nioxin in association with BlogAdda. The experience & product were gifted by the company for reviewing purpose, in collaboration with Blogadda

~Stay Gorgeous,

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