Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree: A Review

Hi, Gorgeous People,

I am happy to announce my collaboration with SoulTree brand. I wanted to go all herbal for my hair, to start with. However, Shihakai or Mehandi powders wouldn’t suit my impatient lifestyle. My mom always suggests to apply Methika (Fenugreek) paste, oil using Brahmi oil, and wash off with Hibiscus and Shihakai powder. However, I neither have time nor patience for all of these. That’s when SoulTree came as a savior. I am going to review the Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree.

Product Description: Fresh extracts of Methika (Fenugreek), Bala, Aamla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj combined with virgin oils of Coconut, Almonds and Grapeseed provide wholesome hair nourishment. Regular use strengthens roots, reduces hair fall and makes hair healthy and bouncy.

How to Use: Take a few drops & massage it on the scalp & work through the body of hair. For best use, this has to be applied warm onto scalp & hair and to be left for an hour before shampooing.

Pricing: Rs.350/ pc.

Availability: Can purchase it from

Shelf Life: 30 months

My Take On Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree:

Before you guys get to know my views, let’s have a look at my hair statistics:

Hair color: Jet black
Length: 3 inches below shoulders
Hair Type: Perfectly wavy
Hair texture: Normal, goes frizzy after washing.
Scalp texture: Normal
Dandruff: No
Hair fall: Normal
Thick/thin: Super thick

I wanted to try an oil which gives a wholesome nourishment to hair. As I already have thick, wavy hair, I didn’t want to try more strengthening oils, instead I wanted to go for something that can control my frizz and give more shine. Bhringraj & Methika in Virgin Coconut Hair Oil by SoulTree is exactly what I wanted from my hair oil. Hair oil that smoothens frizz and provides complete nourishment from roots to tips.

As the product claims, this oil did make my fair feel nourished, smooth, and bouncy at the same time. With a strong yet pleasant smell of Methika, this hair oil is light weight and not-so-sticky. However, this is better used before hair wash. Unlike many products which need overnight application, this one needs only one hour of application before the hair wash.

I have been using this product for 30 days now. Almost after 12-15 usages, I am completely satisfied with this product. This product has reduced my frizz, made my hair manageable yet retained its bounce, kept my roots healthy. As of hair fall, I don’t have a lot of hair fall even before using this product, so I couldn’t comment on that front. My hair fall is always normal and healthy.


  1. The product does everything that it claims – wholesome nourishment.
  2. Despite being strong, the smell of the product is pleasantly herbal.
  3. The oil washes off with mild shampooing, so there is no need for heavy shampoos to get rid of oiliness.
  4. The oil is so light weight and non sticky, that you can actually wear it and doze off without staining your pillows.
  5. The oil keeps roots of the hair, along with individual strands, nourished.
  6. This product is 100% natural with no artificial elements.
  7. The packaging is cute, travel friendly, and easy-to-use.
  8. This can be used as such or as warm oil (after heating) for head massage.


  1. NONE

I guess this is the first review that I have given with no OOPS :O Wow, that means the rating of this product is: 5/5 😛

Bottom line: A completely herbal hair oil, that nourishes and cares for your hair just llike your mom.

Do I recommend? YES!

Will I repurchase? YES!

How Long The Product Lasts! A bottle of 120 ml priced at Rs. 350 will last for 2 months with alternative day usage.

That being said, this product is complete VFM as it doesn’t get consumed much. 5 ml is more than sufficient for thick, medium-length hair like mine.

Add-on Tips: Heat the oil by double-pan method. Take a pan fill it with water, place another pan containing this oil inside the pan with water.

About SoulTree: SoulTree is India’s first and the only range of certified natural beauty and personal care products developed by Vedicare Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. The products are crafted from ingredients of natural origin, using natural oils and carefully selected Ayurvedic herbs which are grown organically or wild-crafted in the Himalayas. SoulTree products carry the assurance of BDIH seal, the German hallmark for natural beauty products. In addition to the organic Ayurvedic herbs, these natural origin ingredients are derived from natural sources through strictly regulated processes to ensure that synthetic and harmful ingredients do not make their way into the products. No artificial colours, fragrances or harmful preservatives are added. SoulTree products are free of parabens and silicones. Every SoulTree product comes in a recyclable packaging. SoulTree believes in complete transparency and lists all the ingredients on each product label to allow customers to make an informed decision. SoulTree offers a wide range of skin care, hair care, bath care and beauty products available across the country in stores that stock organic and natural products.

Product sent by company for unbiased, honest review.


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