I Don’t Wear Sunscreen: A Book Review

Hi, folks,

Today on the review table, I have “I don’t wear sunscreen: By Kavipriya Moorthy.” She is a friend of mine, a business analyst by profession, blogger & writer by passion. She recently sent me this book for an unbiased review, so here it goes…

Book Blurb: For Laksha, life is a gift wrapped in red ribbon. But that’s all shattered when she falls for the misogamist. His ambivalence and vacillation always keeps her at bay, turning her into a neurotic. She gets betrayed by the most credible, loses her job, feels devastated and dejected as incidents crowd upon her corrupting her naiveté.

Enigmas unfold revealing every glitch. Who will clear her blurred skies? What invigorates her career and life? Will she ever forgive her beloved? And how will Laksha survive?

The story also revolves around her rapport with Pallavi, a childhood friend and the relationship she has with her silver-tongued mom. Focusing on how experiences change perception of little things, this contemporary tale gives a better meaning to friendships, relationships, solitude, pain, compassion and success.

More often than not, Life drags you down to the adversities and thrusts outward to shine. It is your grit that truly matters when you reach rock bottom, and left with no choice other than to pick yourself up and leap forward, however arduous it may be!

My Take On The Plot: I, initially, thought that this is going to be yet another love story. However, I was wrong. This is not a love story. It is more than just love or even friendship. The story is about adolescence, infatuation, love, lust, friendship, betrayal, depression, embarrassment, and affection. In short, this story is a completely entertaining drama.


1. The genre is unique. The story is strong with no loose ends. Kavipriya has done a neat job of paperwork in putting her thoughts into a well-knitted storyline.
2. When the book started, I felt it was too much feminist. But, the author managed to write the story from the point of view of both the sexes.
3. The characters are strong and poignant. Be it the brave Laksha, diligent  Pallavi, or the sensual Sai, their characterizations are strong, practical, and so quintessential.
4. That being said, the characters are not stereotyped. Laksha, the protagonist, isn’t size zero or milky white in complexion. Sai is not the always chivalrous male who respects and worships the woman in his life. They are all practically quintessential.
5. The story goes in an unexpected fashion with pretty decent twists and turns. Even the climax, although a little cliched, is good.


1. For all these WOWS, the book should have been a showstopper. However, the book falls flat in screenplay. For the first 80 pages, the book goes in breakneck speed, and we, as readers, feel the thrill and excitement. However, after that the book seems to suddenly halt making the readers jerk. The wrapping up could have been more polished, smooth, and better.
2. Explanations aren’t smooth: There are a couple of instances where the author tries to explain a scenario and then stops halfway because that might be a spoiler for the forthcoming parts. This again could have been made better with smoother editing.

Bottom line: A well-knit story with strong concept and characters stumbles a little due to lack of smooth editing.

Do I recommend? YES!

Rating: 3.5/5

Buy the book here: Amazon

Let me know how the book was in the comments, below.

The author is my friend, and she gave me the book for an completely unbiased review.


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