How I Traveled Jaipur? – Jaipur Diaries #1

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This is the third post in the Stri’s June Vacation Series. In case, you want a navigation for the travelogue, click here; I will be linking the posts to the respective details as and when updated. If you want to read about from where I reached Jaipur, click here. So yeah, presenting you the beautiful city – Jaipur!

Welcome to the Pink City – Jaipur!

I completely backpacked in both Mumbai and Ahmedabad, so I thought of booking a hotel room to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate myself in Jaipur. Also, my train from Jaipur to the next stop in my vacation (my another favorite place) was at 2 in the midnight. So, I booked an OYO room in Jaipur, just opposite the railway station. A detailed post on the OYO Rooms experience is coming up sometime soon. I reached Jaipur around 9 in the morning on 22 June, 2015. It was a Monday. I checked into the hotel, and asked for the complimentary breakfast to be served inside the room. I was super tired, thanks to roaming all over Ahmedabad running inside Jumma Masjid and adoring its beauty. I refreshed, repacked my bag (tips on why I do that will come soon in my travel tales), and watched TV. I am not a TV person as I don’t get to watch TV much at my house. However, being in a hotel room all by myself watching TV is something that’s super pampering, at least for me.

The City Palace
The City Palace

I had a nice hot water bath, had the breakfast as brunch, and took the hotel cab to roam around Jaipur. A quick tip there: don’t book vehicles beforehand. Go to the hotels, check in, and bargain the rates. The cab I took was listed for Rs. 1000 in the hotel rate card, but I bargained for Rs. 500, and managed to even rope in two of the shopping areas along with the preset itinerary.

Jantar Mantar - A Place Where I Learnt A Lot!
Jantar Mantar – A Place Where I Learnt A Lot!

Jaipur is a place that I spent almost a week roaming around during my school days. I have literally seen every palace, fort, and temple in that place. So, even before picking a cab, I knew what I wanted to see. Here are the list of places that I wanted to cover: City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort (night view), Jaigarh Fort, Johari Bazaar, and Rajasthani Handloom Stores.

My Fav In This Tour - Hawa Mahal
My Fav In This Tour – Hawa Mahal

I started at 1:30 PM from my hotel, visited City Palace, Jantar Mantar, the shopping areas, and Hawa Mahal. My driver and I took a tiny break to have lassis from the mud pots, and then went to Jal Mahal where I played with the street-side kids. They do teeny-weeny help to tourists and earn money. They were happy to talk and play with me, and they urged that I take a photograph with them. I really miss those kids. After spending more than expected time at Jal Mahal, we went to Hawa Mahal followed by Jaigarh fort. In the midway, I gorged on street food, and lots of daal batti churma. At around 7, I visited Amer Fort, mainly for its night view. Finally, the driver dropped me back to my room for dinner.

At Jal Mahal With Kids
At Jal Mahal With Kids

I ordered chowmin from room service, and gorged on it while watching Creature movie in Zee Cinemas 😛 I slept on till 1 in the midnight and then went to the railway station. Some of the noteworthy points about the Jaipur tour was, the city is super pink. Most of the places have buildings in pretty pink, not the bright ones, but the subtle ones. Also, the place is less polluted and more traditional than the cosmopolitan cities I have lived in. Also, I might not have some photos as my mobile got switched off after Jal Mahal 😦

Total Cost (all-inclusive except shopping): Rs. 2100 (train from Ahmedabad included – train to Agra not included, OYO Room Rent included)

If you want to know more about how I planned on budget trip, message me here.

P.S: I shopped a lot, and there is a separate haul post coming up.

That was Jaipur in a day for me. If you want to know about any of the places I roamed, or if you want to suggest me to go to any places when I am in Jaipur next time, let me know through comments. Share this travelogue across the social media, if you think someone will like it! Follow my blog, to read more of my travel stories.


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