How I Traveled Agra? – Agra Diaries #1

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This is the fourth post in the Stri’s June Vacation Series. In case, you want a navigation for the travelogue, click here; I will be linking the posts to the respective details as and when updated. If you want to read about from where I reached Agra, click here.So yeah, presenting you the city of wonder – Agra!

Waaah Taj!

Since childhood, I was obsessed with the Seven Wonders of the World. It is even in my bucket list to visit all the seven wonders. I thought to start off with the one in my own country, the beautiful Taj. It is my mom’s obsession with The Taj that made me too go crazy about it. Since childhood, my mom was all praises about the Taj. Do you know? This whole June vacation started off when I wanted to plan a trip to Agra. Then one by one, I started adding the other places, and that’s how I ended up with this big backpack solo travel vacation.

Agra Fort Entrance
Agra Fort Entrance

Agra is a perfect one day travel kind of place. There isn’t much to see, or may be whatever there is, by itself is too much to see. If you are just interested in Agra, there is The Taj Mahal, The Agra Fort, and the Old Agra.  However, if you want to rope in Fatehpur Sikri, there are even more places to see. Mine was Agra only trip. I reached Agra from Jaipur at morning 6, and my train from Agra to the next place was at evening 4. Within less than 10 hours, I have to finish Agra.


With this tight schedule, I thought to give Fatehpur Sikri a miss. I refreshed in the hotel room at Jaipur, and then started to Agra, so I just had to wash my face and have a cup of tea before starting my day. My train reached Agra Fort, there are almost 4 railway stations in Agra. Such a small place, and so many railway stations. He He! I wanted to find the best way to travel, and as soon as I entered I was surrounded by Autowalas and Taxiwalas who wanted me to take their respective vehicles. To be frank, until I reached Agra, I felt safe, and I never felt the fear of traveling alone. However, the way Autowalas and Taxiwalas tried to mob me, I was super scared. I hurried out, and there was a rickshawwala to my rescue. I generally don’t prefer human rickshaws, but this old man convinced me that I am indeed helping him and not being cruel on him.

Some Carvings In The Agra Fort
Some Carvings In The Agra Fort

He asked me 200 bucks to go from Agra Fort Railway Station to The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Old Agra Shopping, and drop back at Agra Cantt Railway Station. It seemed affordable, and the driver waited in every place for me. My first place of visit was The Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal at the morning is such a beautiful sight. Actually, The Taj at any given time is beautiful. Wooooowwwwww Taj!

Agra Fort

If you ask me to talk about The Taj, I would keep talking and talking about it, but yeah, let me save that for the exclusive The Taj Mahal post. After spending 3 hours at the Taj, I went to the Agra Fort where I spent almost an hour or two. While going from Taj to the Fort, we (me and my rickshawwala) had samosas and kachoris. They were simply yummy! From the Agra fort, we went to old Agra market to just roam around and see. My bag was stuffed with shopping from Jaipur that I couldn’t buy anymore and dump. Plus, I had Delhi and Amritsar left too, to shop. I just bought some Agra Peta for my mom (my mom loves them). After that we reached the Agra Cantt railway station at around 2 PM. As I said earlier, since I had no time left I skipped Fatehpur Skiri.

Total Cost (all-inclusive except shopping): Rs. 550 (train from Jaipur included – train to Amritsar not included)

If you want to know more about how I planned on budget trip, message me here.

That was Agra in a day for me. If you want to know about any of the places I roamed, or if you want to suggest me to go to any places when I am in Agra next time, let me know through comments. Share this travelogue across the social media, if you think someone will like it! Follow my blog, to read more of my travel stories.


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