How I Traveled Mumbai? – Mumbai Diaries #1

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The official travelogue series starts with this post. In case, you want a navigation for the travelogue, click here; I will be linking the posts to the respective details as and when updated. I should have logically started with pre-vacation regime, but I haven’t really clicked pictures for what to pack and what not to, and I am wondering, if I should do a video for it. Anyway, right now, let’s start off with Mumbai Meri Jaan!

PicMonkey Collage

Mumbai – Even before visiting Mumbai, I wanted to settle down there. I don’t know why, but Mumbai okay, let’s keep it straight and call it Bombay – Bombay is what I grew up hearing. Thanks to Mani Ratnam sir. So yeah, Bombay has been my dream city. Okay, I do love Paris, Venice, Las Vegas, NYC, and London, but if it’s India, it is Madras and Bombay. When my sister got married and moved to Hyderabad, I decided that when I am married, I will move to Bombay (I was a 4-year-old, then). Time changed, priorities changed, Bombay changed to Mumbai, but yeah the dream was deep in my heart. Unlike many it wasn’t the Bollywood that attracted me, but the monsoon, the beach, and the fashion that made me have a crush toward Mumbai aka Bombay.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus – It’s An UNESCO World Heritage Site

When I decided to do this North India tour (well, this isn’t exactly North India Tour), and my friend insisted that I keep a nice name for this tour, and I am lazy to keep one, so I christened it as Stri’s June ’15 Vacation. LOL! So, when I was planning for this, I decided that my first destination would be Mumbai.

Siddhi Vinayak Temple

I started to Mumbai on 19th June, 2015 by Dadar Express from Chennai Egmore to Dadar. It starts at 6:50 in the morning from Egmore railway station. Thanks to mom, my food needs during the 23+ hours train travel was taken care of. The train tales would come in a separate post, and as of now, let’s skip 19th and move to 20th June. I was in side lower, and I had planned to checkout Lonavala which was supposed to arrive at 3 in the morning on 20th June, but thanks to nice weather and cozy blanket, I slept off. Well, for those who don’t know, on 19th June, at around after 2 PM, Mumbai government cancelled all the locals inside the city, the outbound trains were delayed and a couple were cancelled, and inbound trains had also been delayed. Thanks to FB and FM(my fabulous mom), I came to know of this. But at 3 PM on 19th I was near Mantralayam Road, and I couldn’t hop out of the train and go back, just because Mumbai got flooded.

This is my favorite in Mumbai - Marine Drive
This is my favorite in Mumbai – Marine Drive

Anyway, on 20th morning I woke up by 6. The train is supposed to reach Dadar by 6. The train was waiting for signal ahead of a station; confused, I asked my co-passengers that was it Dadar. Their reply astonished me, “Innum Kalyan eh Varala ma, Ambernath ku velia nikarthu train.” It means, we didn’t reach even Kalyan station, we are still outside Ambernath. We waited inside the train till 7:30, and then an Idli-wala (yeah, I was expecting a vada-pav wala, but only Idli-wala came) said the train won’t start from here till 10:30 AM. I thought he was lying, so I would buy Idly from him. Anyway, I am going to stop the train tale here again, as it is taking us out of track 😛

Mahalakshmi Temple

I got down from train and took a local to Mumbai CST (locals started running), and from there I walked to Church Gate. If you are wondering why I went there, that’s where my acquaintance’s place is. I went there, refreshed, and had breakfast. Can you believe, I had Rava Dosa at Kamat? LOL! I know, but I wanted to have something filling and something that was close by to the apartment. So, after that I took a kaali billi – cab and reached Gateway of India (not before I checked out the fashion street). It was still raining, and thanks to my protective sister who sneaked in an Umbrella inside my backpack. I was loitering around at the Gateway of India and the Taj Hotel, clicking pictures. I wanted to visit Elephanta Caves, but yeah, HIGH-TIDE ALERT!

The Taj Hotels
The Taj Hotels

So, I chose to take a van, you can’t call it a van, nor a bus. It was a luxury tourist bus, and we (I joined with 3 other family and a couple) and hopped in. It was Rs. 250 per head and the driver promised to show us at least 5-7 places around. From Gateway of India we went to the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai. As I love art and architectures, I thoroughly enjoy museums. I have a rule of not clicking pictures inside the museum, even if it is permissible. I feel people should witness the reality rather than seeing pictures of the pictures.

Gateway Of India
Gateway Of India

Next we reached Marine Drive, and the moment I was clicking pictures there, it started down pouring :O I was totally drenched when I came back to the bus, and our next destination was Nariman Point. I was gazing at all those big, spectacular buildings (but somehow as much as I enjoy modern art, I can’t enjoy modern architecture. I prefer historic architectures). The next destination from there was Hanging Gardens.

Hanging Gardens Of Mumbai

My mom loves gardens. I adore them too. In walkable distance there are a couple of more parks: Tower of Silence, Priyadarsini Park, Beach Candy Garden, and Amarsons Garden. From the gardens, we went to Siddhi Vinayak Temple and Mahalakshmi Temple. After having darshan there, I ate my lunch (it was pretty late – around 3 PM) at roadside stalls. I had awesome VadaPavs! After the lunch, we started to Bandra. While some of the kids who came along with those family wanted to watch a 4D or 5D film at a mall, I preferred to roam around the linking road. It was raining, and I couldn’t shop. We then drove over Bandra-Worli Sea Link (WOWOOOOWOWOWOW! Yes, it was that emotion.) After which we reached Juhu Beach, chilled out, had dinner, and I was dropped at Bombay Central Railway Station at 8:30 PM. I had a train at 10 PM to Ahmedabad.

The Epic Bandra-Worli Sea Link!
The Epic Bandra-Worli Sea Link!

Total Cost Involved (all inclusive): Rs. 952 (train to Mumbai included – train to Ahmedabad not included)

If you want to know more about how I planned on budget trip, message me here.

That was Bombay in a Day for me. I know I have missed loads of places as I have basically roamed only in South Bombay and not the North. If you want to know about any of the places I roamed, or if you want to suggest me to go to any places when I am in Mumbai next time, let me know through comments. Share this travelogue across the social media, if you think someone will like it! Follow my blog, to read more of my travel stories.

Beautiful Juhu!
Beautiful Juhu!


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