How I Traveled Ahmedabad? – Ahmedabad Diaries #1

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This is the second post in the Stri’s June Vacation Series. In case, you want a navigation for the travelogue, click here; I will be linking the posts to the respective details as and when updated. If you want to read about from where I reached Ahmedabad, click here. So yeah, presenting you the Maula Wa Sallim – Ahmedabad! To get the context, watch O.K.Kanmani 😛


Ahmedabad – To me this resonates to IIM. Yeah, I always though Ahmedabad has only IIM, thanks to Chetan Bhagat, even in the 2 states movie, they focused only on the campus, hostel, and more hostel! Anyway, when I was planning for my trip, O.K.Kanmani movie released, and the moment I saw the beauty of Ahmedabad in it, I decided that this would be my first destination. However, I had to alter it as direct flights were costlier and trains took long time from Chennai. Long story short, I decided to put this place as second in my travelogue, and here is what that happened:

Inside Sabarmati Ashram

I reached Ahmedabad railway station at 6 AM in the morning. I quickly freshened up in the refreshing rooms at the station. Remember? This is a backpacking tour, no fancy hotels, no fancy vehicles, and no fancy clothing. After getting ready, I dropped my luggage (read: backpack) at the cloak room, and carried just my sling bag. Before I explain how the day went, see the map above.

The Hut In Which Gandhiji Spent Sometime Of His Life
The Hut In Which Gandhiji Spent Sometime Of His Life

The railway station is on one side of the Sabarmati River and the Sabarmati Ashram is on the other side. What I did was, I went from railway station to Sabarmati Ashram early in the morning, spent 2 hours there. The Ashram encompasses Gandhiji’s days in Ahmedabad, the huts he and his followers lived in, his quotes, some of the things he owned, and the likes. More than all these, I loved the Sabarmati Riverfront, it was calm and serene to sit and meditate. I had poha and fafdas for breakfast in a nearby hotel, and took a bus to Lal Darwaja.

Sabarmati River
Sabarmati River

Lal Darwaja bus stop is the closest destination to the tourist attractions like Jumma Masjid, Siddi Saiyed Mosque, Teen Darwaja, Bhadra Fort, Manek Chowk, and the Sunday Market. I visited one by one. If you are wondering what all these places are, I would be doing an individual post on each place soon. This took another 2-3 hours.

The Epic - My Fav Jumma Masjid
The Epic – My Fav Jumma Masjid

A quick go-through of what is what: Lal Darwaja and Manek Chowk are one of the oldest shopping areas in the city, while you can buy accessories, perfumes, clothes, bags, etc. at dirt cheap rates in Lal Darwaja, Manek Chowk is the place for antique jewelry, spices, and food; Siddi Saiyed Mosque and Jumma Masjid are Islamic religious places that are sheer divine – be it the exterior architecture, or the interior carvings, these places, especially Jumma Masjid is every architect’s dream/role model. Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaja are few other architectural sites in the vicinity; the Sunday market is exclusive to that day of the week, and you can expect more thrift and antique jewelry stores. It was around Lunch time, I visited Kankaria Lake (bad decision). This lake is more of a family attraction, to sit and chill out during evenings. There are fun rides for the kids and few food stalls. I am not a big fan of such places, and I visited it in the afternoon -_-

A Small Pond Inside Jumma Masjid
A Small Pond Inside Jumma Masjid

Anyway, bored with the lake (actually, I heard the night view of the lake is brilliant), I went to Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium and Museum (again the other side of Sabarmati River – toward Sabarmati Aashram) and after spending an hour there, I moved to Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum. Finding this museum took forever, so I decided to munch a Pizza at a nearby Domino’s 😛 Eating only street food made me more hungry, you see! Finally, I visited this marvelous place.

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

Photography is prohibited in this place, and thank god for that. This place stores and displays some of the rarest sculptures of Gods, especially Hindu Gods. Even if you are an atheist, you will feel divine, when you enter here. Thanks to the proper temperature maintenance, very minimal lighting, and epic, rare sculptures’ display. Apart from sculptures, there were collection of various Indian money since ancient times. I never knew that those days few kings used money made of cloth. Also, there is a separate section for embroidery, painting, hand weaving, and other artistic treasures from the ancient past. This is a must visit place in Ahmedabad. By late afternoon, I started from there and went to Ahmedabad Central Mall, shopped around a bit. I had some Irish coffee (my favorite) and mint choco chip cookies (again my favorite). Finally, I took an auto and reached railway station, just in time for my train to Jaipur.

Total Cost (all-inclusive except shopping): Rs. 700 (train from Mumbai included – train to Jaipur not included)

If you want to know more about how I planned on budget trip, message me here.

P.S: I shopped a lot, and there is a separate haul post coming up.

That was Ahmedabad in a day for me. If you want to know about any of the places I roamed, or if you want to suggest me to go to any places when I am in Ahmedabad next time, let me know through comments. Share this travelogue across the social media, if you think someone will like it! Follow my blog, to read more of my travel stories.


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