Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick – Berry Pink: Swatches and Review

Hi, gorgeous people,

I am not a lipstick person. My lips are slightly pigmented, and the first question people ask me is, “why do you use so much lipsticks? See how pigmented they are without lipsticks.” But no, neither I smoke, nor I use lipsticks, but yeah, I was in dance and dramatics in school, so I was frequently used to heavy make-up that came with bright lipsticks. In my childhood, we (my mom & me) didn’t realize that it would affect my skin and lips, but now that we had witnessed blemishes and pigmentation in face and lips, we decided to take extra care while buying or using any make-up. Without much ado, the lipstick that I am gonna review today is Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick in the color Berry Pink.


What it claims:

The world’s first triple core lipstick fusing caring balm, passionate color and dramatic gloss into one. The result is lips that are softer, more beautiful and more impactful than ever before. With avocado, jojoba oil, chamomile and vitamin E.

Single Swatch - Too Mild & Glittery!
Single Swatch – Too Mild & Glittery!

Shades: In the catalogue my seller gave me, these were the shades listed: Berry Pink, Coral Pink, Fuchsia, Nude Peach, Red Coral, and Purple Rose.

Rate: Rs. 398

Product Description/Ingredients:


Stri’s Take On It:

This products aims to create an optical illusion of voluminous and fuller lips due to contour, illumination, and vibrant effects.

This lipstick contains 3 different shades to create the pre-said 3D effect:


Contour – Dark shade on the outer core to make lips voluminous.
Illuminate – Silver shade to provide a natural plump on the middle core.
Vibrant – Inner core in a contrasting vibrant color to make lips fuller.


  1. Makes lips fuller as promised
  2. Easy to apply and travel-friendly packing
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Stays on for 4 hours (light meal/drink included)
  5. Covers pigmentation well


  1. Significant smell that lingers on your lips
  2. Silver shade over powers the rest, so you end up looking glittery.
  3. Can’t swatch as this can be brought either online or through oriflame consultants. Read reviews and swatches online before buying; catalogue swatches are extremely misleading.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Do I recommend? Yes, if you are okay with the smell, and if you want to use it for parties.
Will I repurchase? Yes, in a darker shade, so that the silver shade doesn’t overpower.

Product purchased by myself for personal use.

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