My Shopping Experience With LimeRoad – WEBSITE REVIEW #2

Hi, gorgeous people,

I have collaborated again with another awesome website, LIMEROAD. Initially, when I came to  know of this website, I thought this was just another apparel shopping site, but I was completely wrong. This website sells stuffs ranging from apparels to accessories, footwear to home decor, and what not. Without much ado, here you go:


As you can see there are trending looks in the home page, and the menu guides you to purchase what you want. I wanted to buy a dress and was scanning through the dresses column under clothing. Limeroad had some exquisite little dresses at dirt cheap prices (thanks to huge discounts).


Two dresses for Rs. 280 is like an elixir to shopaholics, but sadly, my size got sold out just when I was about to checkout. Thank goodness, the site says right before payment if the goods are still available or sold out. In times of sale seasons, this is very helpful. Most of the other sites, send you a mail or message stating that the order you placed is sold out. That would be a menace. So, after seeing that this got sold out, I scrolled down. By the way, the site shows similar items in the left column there.


When you scroll down, you can see dresses in the same color or the color you pick, I was checking out a green dress when I took this screenshot. Also, you can see more options from the same seller and/or brand. Once you pick a dress, you can zoom in and see the look, like this:


While, I was on this, my sister told me that Limeroad even sells amazing chikankari kurtis. I was so tempted to try that, so I surfed through the kurtis section and placed an order.


This was clicked after I finished ordering as I forgot to click in the excitement of ordering. I ordered size XS (and maybe that’s why it shows sold out). Now, as of the sizes, there is a size chart beneath each dress. This kurti has 1300 off on its MRP, and the piece I received was exactly same as the picture, and I loved it.


This is mostly same across the site, but sometimes the bust size varies. Also, as the dress I ordered was a kurti, it had length of the kurti included in the size chart.

Once, I ordered the dresses, the checkout is a three step process. You need to login, enter your details, and proceed to payment. Shipping is free for orders above Rs. 500. Certain products come with a shipping charge of Rs. 69. Payment options are credit card, debit card, MobiKwik, PayUMoney(5% cashback), Net Banking, and PayTM.

There is something called the LR credits that you can earn by inviting friends to join Limeroad, and you earn points for that. 1 LR credit = 1 INR. This can be used while shopping for Rs. 1000 or above.

So, yeah, that was my shopping experience at Limeroad.


1. Wide collection, and unique designs
2. Pocket-friendly as they have nice discounts
3. Good quality goods
4. Nice website design, especially for searching similar items based on color or brand.
5. Perfect description about product size, materials, and washing instructions.


1. XS not available in many designs. It’s not sold-out, the option by itself is not available. I wanted a black chikankari kurti, but as XS wasn’t there in that I settled with white. Same problem with many other outfits.
2. The windows goes down and down, and keeps loading outfits, this therefore makes user inconvenient after a point (especially if they want to reach the FAQs or anything from bottom menu. It would be nice, if there is a button on the top to reach the bottom-most menu).
3. Most of the dresses are on mannequins and not on real models. I would prefer the later as it gives a clear idea on how the dress looks on a human.

About delivery:

1. The delivery was done in 8 days. I won’t call it quick or late, it was moderate, and as I had no hurry, I am okay with the delivery.
2. The packaging was neat and clean.


The website even allows you to create your own scrapbook, and that is just epic.

I just loved creating the looks in that. If you create looks, and if people buy that, you will earn 100 LR credits. Do check my creations here: Stri’s Scrapbook

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~Stay Gorgeous!

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