How To Get Thicker & Smoother Hair? DIY Hair Care – Home Remedy

Hi, gorgeous people,

The first thing people notice in me is my eyes, and my hair. Yeah, I am not really friendly or have a sweet disposition the first time I meet someone. My protective instincts kick in, when I meet someone for the first time. I generally fail to accept anyone easily; anyway, back to the topic, so people generally notice my hair and eyes more than the way I talk or my character. Okay, eyes it is god-gifted, I have my mom’s eyes. As of hair, although I am blessed with thick hair (thanks to dad), it involves a lot of effort to keep it problem free.

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My mom said in my childhood that hair contains dead cells, and I asked her if it’s made of dead cells, what’s the point in washing and cleaning it? Why can’t we just cut and throw them away? Anyway, back then, I was a tomboy; now, although, I am not a girlie girl, I prefer long and thick hair. However, my hair never grows long (beyond my waist or end of rib cage), but it grows voluminously a lot. Now, enough of my hair woes, let’s get into the topic: How to make hair thicker yet smoother?

This is tried and tested by me, and it works wonder for me. I am not sure, if it would be the same for everyone, but this is 100% chemical free, organic DIY, so it’s worth a try.


Coconut oil, Henna leaves (fresh green leaves)

Expected End Results:

Thicker hair with smooth texture, reduced hair fall, and healthier scalp.

That smelt too good! :)
That smelt too good! 🙂


Air dry or sun dry henna leaves and ground them into fine powder. On the contrary, you can also fry henna leaves in low flame, and ground it into a fine paste adding a very little of water. I would prefer the sundried method. If your henna is made into a paste then let it dry for an hour, and if it is powder, it can be used immediately.

Take coconut oil in a pan. Alternatively, you can use mustard oil (for already smooth but thinning hair), olive oil for coarse hair, or stick to coconut oil like me (normal hair). Heat it until you get nice aroma and some fumes. Take it out, to half of this oil add the henna powder or dried up paste, and let it rest for 5-8 minutes. Once the henna has soaked well, boil the remaining oil once again for just a minute and add it to the henna-oil mixture. This makes the cooled mixture lukewarm. Apply this on to the scalp and hair with massage movements. Don’t bother if henna sticks on to your hair. Once you wash it, the henna will come out.

Put your hair into a bun, and leave it for an hour or two. Wash it off with mild (preferably herbal) shampoo. If your hair is super frizzy generally, condition it; if not you can skip conditioning as henna is a natural conditioner.

So black, so thick, so strong!
So black, so thick, so strong!

Do try this at home, and let me know how it works.

Stay Gorgeous,

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