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Have you guys followed me on Zomato? Do follow! Okay, so here is the review of this trending, budget-friendly hotel – FUSILLI REASONS. I badly wanted to try Fusilli Reasons, and it happened when I happened to run into a friend of mine this week. It was a boring Tuesday, and we decided that we will dine out and get talking about my recent trip. So yeah, that’s the back story.


Location: This is located the Ormes Road, Kilpauk. The landmark is the Hotel Paramount. You need to cross the road from Paramount and take the first left on the road toward Millers Road. Millers road is right opposite to the road this place is present. Not much of parking space. This is more of an eatery than a restaurant.

Ambiance: This is an eatery modified to look like a dhaba/ a restaurant. There is not much of ambiance. The chefs cook on one side of the counter on the other side there are few furniture for people to sit and eat, and there is a table and 4 chairs outside to fit the crowd. The place can fit a maximum of 20-25 people at any given time. Many prefer to take parcel. If you are trying to visit this place, be proactive and patient. The thing I liked most about this place is that they serve food in organic plates and drinks in glass jars (see pics). Also, they have wooden tables. I love wooden tables!

Service: It’s self service, and for such a busy restaurant, the people are quick in taking orders and calling your names out for pick-up.

Food: This is the noteworthy and the best part of the whole eatery. The cheeeesyyyy fooooooddddd…. 😀

Iced Teas & Orange Tang: I picked the iced tea and my friend picked orange tang, while we waited for a place to sit. These are the ready to make ones, Nestea/Lipton and Tang. These are good.


White Cheesy Pasta: This place has 5 different pastas: white, red, herbed (Dry pasta with no sauce), mix, and pesto. We took the white cheesy one to play safe, and it turned out to be brilliant. I loved the taste, and the portion was quite high too. We felt super full by sharing one plate itself. Forget about the calories before you order! You can run those off later.3

Cheesy Garlic Bread: We ordered cheese garlic bread. There were 4 variations: cheese, plain, beetroot-mayo, corn-spinach. I am not happy with the garlic bread as the bread tasted like a normal toast with very tiny quantity of garlic sauce. I prefer super garlic ones. Anyway, the cheesy sauce made it worthy.


Lemon Tang: We finished our meal with lemon tangs! Cute bottle, ain’t it?


VFM: Totally worth it. All these costed like Rs. 240. I felt these are completely worth every penny spent.

Additional Info: Veg-only, No Bar.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Will I visit again? Yes.

Overall rating: 4.75/5

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Disclaimer: Any restaurant review is based on personal opinion and the review holds valid for 3 months from the date of publishing as food taste and quality are subject to change.


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