CONTEMPORARY LOOK #5 – A Day Out With My BFF – Street Shopping OOTD & Chambor FOTD

Hi, gorgeous people,

One of my close friends dropped by at my place from Delhi, and we planned to roam, shop, watch a movie, and doll up. So, yeah, I thought I would wear the black jumpsuit that I shopped in Delhi. We also bought a matching belt in gold for it. It looked super chic. Here is the look!

No matter how good your photographer is, a mirror selfie is mandatory.

So, yeah, the dress looks pretty, ain’t it? Well, here is the OOTD details:

Black Jumpsuit: Street Shopping in Delhi – Janpath
Gold Belt: Street Shopping in Delhi – Janpath

Gold Earrings: Gift from a friend
Bag: Pure Leather – Gift by dad; he bought it from a souvenir shop during one of his international tours.
Slippers: Street Shopping in Chennai – T.Nagar
Bangles: Street Shopping in Ahmedabad – Lal Darwaja
Rings: Silver Colored One – From Ali Express; Gold – From GRT Jewelers

Maybeline Color Show – Nude Skin

A day-old hair, applied Garnier Triple Nutrition Oil-in-Cream for setting into frizz-free waves. Used just a paddle brush for setting (no heat!)

I had just applied sunscreen, coloressence eyeliner, and vaadi lip balm while going out for the day. However, in the EA mall, Westside store, there was a free make-up session by Chambor Products. Jaqueline, the girl-in-charge of the make-up session did a brilliant job on my face. Here are few of the photos while she is at work:

Concentrating! 😛


Face: She first cleansed my face with Chambor Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser. She then removed my eyes and lip make-up (I didn’t have much anyway) using Chambor Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. Once my face was clear from dirt and creams, she applied Chambor Enriched Revitalizing Make-Up as a foundation. Before that, she moved on to my under eyes and T-Zone (they are the oily areas of my skin – I have a sensitive-normal skin with oily T-Zone) and applied some Chambor Radiant Touchup Concealer. Finally, she sealed the make-up with Chambor Luminous Loose Powder. She applied a tinge of sunkissed range of shades from Chambor MonoBlush in the color soft rose.

LOL! I look funny!

Eyes: After applying a little bit of Chambor Radiant Touchup Concealer in my eyelids, she applied Chambor Dazzle Eyeliner pencil in the lower waterline, and tightlined by upper waterline with the same. For my upper eyelashes, she gave a matte-look eyeliner in the color green with Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner in the color Green #ET3. She then smudged the kajal in the lower lashes a little and applied a smokey (not totally, but almost a half-smokey eye effect) with Chambor Glowing Earth #88 Eye Shadow palette.

The Lips One Was At A Place With Better Lighting :(
The Lips One Was At A Place With Better Lighting 😦

Lips: As I preferred something in brown. Gold, or nude tones, and also as I wanted to go subtle, she used Chambor Velvette Touch Lip Liner Pencil in Brown #1. The lipstick she used was Chambor Powder Matte in the shade Dessert Rose #168.

Now, the overall FOTD!

WP_20150709_021 (2)
That’s Me!

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