Creme Centre – Nungambakkam – Restaurant Review #3

Hi, folks,

My friend and I went to Irezumi to check about tattoos. Yeah, I thought I would get a tattoo done before I am 25, but looks like I won’t do it. Firstly, I have no proper intimate reason to sport one tattoo all my life, and secondly I am shit scared of anything that pierces my skin (I don’t even know how I managed to have two pairs of ear piercing). Anyway, long story short, we were hungry by the time we came out of Irezumi so we hopped into this place which is just adjacent to Irezumi – Creme Centre, Nungambakkam.


Location: This place is located in the College Road and is quite famous. If you have spotted Irezumi, this place is right next to it. We went in two wheeler and there is a decent parking for two-wheeler vehicles. I am unsure about four-wheeler vehicles though.

Ambiance: This looks like a perfect business lunch kind of place. With brown furniture and crystal white cutlery, this place has a professional ambiance.

Service: I cannot call the service to be great here. For starters, the place was crowded and there weren’t enough waiters (or maybe there were, but only few of them ran around tables). The staff were courteous, friendly, and benevolent toward us, but the service wasn’t coordinated. One person brought food, and another one was called for serving, and they started cleaning table while the food was still eaten. Food arrived before we could finish our first order. Apart from these synchronized service, the service was decent.


Chola Poori: I ordered one chola poori, it was served hot. The taste was good, but not so authentic. However, it was one of the decent chola pooris (with no unlimited oil supply) in town. The sad part here is we saw the menu price and ordered chola poori, but they have prices separately printed for the chole masala and poori.

Italian Baked Sizzler: I always wanted to order Italian dish in sizzler style; when I saw this on their menu, I immediately grabbed it. This was tasty and lovely looking (the waiter started serving before I could click a pic 😦 )

Italian Baked Sizzler on my plate!

It had spaghetti, pasta, lots of veggies, spicy tomato sauce, and an american crispy creme corn patty. It was filling and yummy too.

Malai Kulfi: As both me and my friend love desserts, we wanted to eat something rich, but we were already full, and we though Malai Kulfi is the safest option and we were not ditched. In fact, we are super glad to have chosen that.

I forgot to click initially. This was after we ate 2/3 of the malai kulfi 😛

VFM: It was 800 INR (inclusive of taxes) for these three 3 dishes. A little bit on the expensive side, this restaurant is above average in VFM.

Additional Info: Veg-only, No Bar, specializes in North Indian, Italian, and Mexican food.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Will I visit again? Yes.

Overall rating: 3.75/5

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Disclaimer: Any restaurant review is based on personal opinion and the review holds valid for 3 months from the date of publishing as food taste and quality are subject to change.


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