Rajeev Tamhankar’s “GET CORPORATED – Before You Get Fired!” – Book Review

Hi, folks,

I have 10 books lined up for review. Yes, you read it right. With travel and fashion reviews, book reviews took a back seat, but it’s high time, that I review all these lovelies before starting with the travelogue series.

On the review table today is Rajeev Tamhankar’s Get Corporated – Before You Get Fired. A quirky title, isn’t it?

Book Blurb: (As said in book back)

Despite the best preventive HR policies of randomly reorganizing the department and designing incomprehensible appraisal processes, Sid, an employee has got promoted within a short span of five years. And the Vice-President, HR is absolutely not happy about this! He needs a ‘Root Cause Analysis’ done and he needs it fast!

Meet Sid—an average employee who gets thrashed by his boss, duped by his HR and confused by the management. Join Sid in his corporate journey of launching a new smartphone brand. Discover the corporate work culture as he makes his way through various graphs, pie-charts, bell-curves and what not—all to save his job!

Stri’s Take On The Book:

When Rajeev approached me for reviewing, I was a little skeptical. Although, I review many genres, corporate fiction is not one of my favorites. He mentioned that the book was a comedy, and that made me take it up for review. However, I was still wondering if the book would live up to my expectations, and it sure did.

Unlike other corporate fictions, which concentrate mostly on certain type of organization or company and use complicated managerial terms, get corporated is a simple corporate satire. It starts with a pep and ends with the same momentum.

Rate: Rs. 136 (PB @Amazon), Rs. 45 (Kindle Edition)


1. Language is simple yet professional enough for a corporate book.
2. Storyline is short and brilliant.
3. No back stories or high voltage drama like few other corporate novels.


1. Little bit of exaggerations that could have been avoided.

Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend? Yes, 120 pages short book, give it a try.

Bottom line: A quick and quirky book that is not just funny, but fast paced too.

Book sent by author for honest review

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